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Ely Clinic

This weekend's clinic in Ely, Nevada was SO amazing! They were all supportive and receptive which created an environment of super learning! Many thanks to this group of smart and fun women. We had varying levels of skill and fitness. This only added to the camaraderie and fun! Everyone learned something new. Based on all the emails that rolled in after the clinic, there was no doubt they all enjoyed it!

The night prior to the clinic, we met at Sportsworld in Ely for a bike check, meet and greet! Huge thanks to their mechanics for getting everyone dialed in.  The next day, one of the women on a rental bike was having issues. We called Sportsworld and they came out to us and delivered her a better functioning rental bike! Talk about top notch customer care! 



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Private session with Elisabeth today! She loves her Kuat Rack so I made sure to get her a matching shirt and socks! Elisabeth has been riding mountain bikes for years and seems to have one (or two) big crashes per year. She was ready to get some skills under her belt so she can ride safer AND have more fun. She added skill upon skill easily and was riding with confidence by the end of the session!

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Yes, we work with men too! Steve made the trip from Las Vegas to work with Erica for a few days this week. He's an excellent rider with lots of miles under his belt, he was ready for coaching to take it to the next level. We worked on going up and down obstacles (to prepare him to ride BFR-vegas peeps will know that:). We improved his cornering skills and got him more relaxed for descents. He put in a large volume week on the Park City trails. Pretty sure he's ready to rock anything now!

Beginner Clinic in Park City

Another awesome clinic this weekend! This beginners clinic was so fun to teach, the light bulb went on for each of them multiple times throughout the course! We love seeing women gain confidence on their bike that translates to more time riding!

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Kristen, repeat client

Kristen, the cornering queen! This was her second private session with Women in the Mountains and her goal was to corner faster and more efficiently. We worked on a different set of corners than the last session to give her more "real world" corners. She is smokin' fast through them now! 

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Changed up the scenery to work with Lisa today! We worked on her local trails so she could build confidence directly with the trails she rides from her front door. She learned bike/body separation and how to utilize her suspension. She got her front wheel off the ground for the first time, you should've heard the laughs! Moments like those are what I love sharing with women! 


Cammie took 2 private sessions from Erica in July and her progress was jaw dropping! She rocked the berms and jumps during our private sessions! This mother of 6 had no idea what she was capable of, the next hour she was riding the wooden berm so high it took my breath away! In the meantime she learned how useful her dropper is and now she is stoked to try even more features! 

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Cedar City High School Girls Clinic

  • The high school teams from St. George (Flying Monkeys) and Cedar City (Iron Giants) hired coach Erica to work with their girls in Cedar City. We met on a warm day and spent time working on skills in the dirt then riding a single track loop. Jamis Bikes, Kuat Racks, Crank Brothers, Verge Sport all contributed goodies for the girls. Huge thanks for those companies for supporting the developmement of these young athletes!

Magic Sandwiches

Kim (aka Magic Sandwiches) was such an incredible student! She bought her first mountain bike less than a year ago AFTER she had 6 children. She came to the desert clinic with Lynda and Erica in January. In the meantime she has been practicing her skills and was ready to take it to the next level. This girl ROCKED it! She nailed the corners and learned to roll a drop. Now she's going to explore more trails with confidence and ease!

Fiona and Kim

This fun duo came to Women in the Mountains for a semi-private session. Kim said "I have made a big jump forward in my riding I'm really excited to ride"! Seeing the spark rekindled for long time riders is such a pleasure! Fiona was working on clipping in and riding in the level pedal position. She delivered her second child a few months ago and is regaining her confidence in balance and riding!

NICA Leaders Summit

Erica was invited to the NICA Leaders Summit on July 15th at Solitude Mountain. She was asked to teach the student leaders how to teach their fellow students skills.

Here is a quick recap from the Utah High School Mountain Bike League:

Erica riding the lifts with Zach and Crew, 2 of the student leaders from Juan Diego and South Summit High Schools.


One on one session with Jennifer! She was an excellent student, really listening and grasping each step. So happy we have the PMBIA curriculum to teach each student and really meet them where their skills need work. 


Mid-way through the private skills clinic, we put Tanya on my Jamis Bikes Defcon with Vittoria Tires Gomas, Magura MT7s and everything clicked! She understood why and how you can seperate your bike from you body. Also, the front wheel lift made so much more sense with a bigger travel bike! You can learn skills on almost any bike, THEN when you get a super dialed in bike it makes it even easier and way more fun! The more skills you have, the more fun you have!

Lia the leaper

Erica had the honor or working with this naturally talented athlete! Lia was a collegiate road racer and is now getting into mountain biking. She progressed through the skills so quickly that she was hitting drops at the end of the session (hence Lia the Leaper!)


Ely clinic trail scouting

We are so excited about the clinic that Erica and Lisa are hosting in Ely on August 26th! Erica went to ride the trails and make sure everything is ready to go. Sportsworld in Ely is renting bikes for women that don't own one (yet!) and they are hosting part of the clinic for us in their shop. Thanks to them for their great support in getting more women on the trails in Ely! Also thanks to Nancy of the Ely Outdoor Enthusiasts for helping Women in the Mountains bring their clinic to Ely. We can't wait for August!

Coaching the coach (personal training coach)

Kristen is a personal trainer and was a competitive sailor. She really understands how to move her body and describe what she is feeling as she turns and works on skills. She really appreciated the feedback and responded quickly to every single cue. Excited to see where her riding takes her next!

Couples Clinic/Date Night in the Mountains!

These two couples had a date night with their skills instructor! Erica Tingey led them in a progression to learn to go over obstacles and corner more efficiently. Healthy and fun way to spend a night out with friends! Melissa attended one of the Women in the Mountains clinics last summer and told her friends how fun it is!

Belinda, Brad, Melissa, Troy, Erica

Belinda, Brad, Melissa, Troy, Erica







PMBIA Certification

The coaches of Women in the Mountains are all now PMBIA certified! Professional Mountain Bike Instructor Association is an organization (the best one!) that teaches instructors HOW to teach mountain biking. We learned so much more than we could have ever expected. Our curriculum has been added to and in some cases it has changed to a different and better approach. We each have a quiver full of tools to meet any student where they are in their abilities. 

Erica Tingey is also a USA Cycling Level 3 Coach and Lynda Wallenfels is a USA Cycling Level 1 Coach (the highest level). 

Lisa, Lynda and Erica on the lift

Lisa, Lynda and Erica on the lift

Erica giving a sample lesson to the instructors

Erica giving a sample lesson to the instructors

Erica giving a sample lesson to the instructors

Erica giving a sample lesson to the instructors

Simon coaching Erica how to coach a roll down

Simon coaching Erica how to coach a roll down