Intermediate clinic in St. George

 Thanks to the wonderful group we had at our clinic yesterday in St. George!  This group was extra fun to work with since so many of them were friends! They were supportive of each other throughout the entire day! Looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Thanks to the wonderful group we had at our clinic yesterday in St. George!

This group was extra fun to work with since so many of them were friends! They were supportive of each other throughout the entire day! Looking forward to working with them again in the future.

Beginner Clinic in St. George, UT

Some of the women in today’s clinic had NEVER ridden a mountain bike! Throughout the day they learned how to handle a bike and position their bodies in order to be safe and have fun in the dirt! Real transformations happening in these beginner clinics! We succeeded in getting more women in bikes today=winning!



Want to be inspired? Take a look at the photos below to see absolute beginners at the end of the day of skills training. They rode features on the trail that seemed nearly impossible (to some of them) at the start of the day. We worked from the very beginning, slowly building skill after skill until they were ready to take on the desert singletrack! 

Inspiring private session with a beginner

Read this inspiring testimonial, it is exactly what we live for!❤️

 I've been scared of bikes my whole life. From a traumatic crash when I was young, relearning when I was in college, to crying as I attempted mountain biking last summer... It's always been scary. Like, really scary. •

Enter Women in the Mountains. As a Christmas present, I received a private lesson! Honestly I was scared going into the day, but excited at the prospect of getting over my fears. •

Well, on May 5th, which happened to be International Women's Bike Day, I spent three hours with Erica and Christine and conquered my fear of bikes! They were kind, patient, and fantastic coaches. We learned all the basics so that I felt comfortable and confident on the trail.

I walked away from the day even EXCITED for the next time that I get to try out my new skills. A giant thank you to Erica, Christine, and Women in the Mountains. I couldn't recommend them enough (especially for super beginners 😊)


Private Session

What an honor to work with this elite trail runner! Lauren started racing mountain bikes recently and is quickly moving to the front of the pack. We added racing skills to her quiver so she’ll be faster than ever! Thanks to Verge Sport for getting her a coat to train in all weather conditions.

Lauren Jumping.jpg

Spring Refresher Course in Park City

We met on Friday night for a bike check and mobility session. Beginning with bikes, Christine set up suspension, seat heights and brake lever positioning, all of which will improve the comfort, safety and fun factor of the riders!

Then Kristen assed our ankle, hip, and thoracic spine for functional mobility and joint range of motion.  Using yoga mats we did a short movement session to stretch and engage muscles to gain greater range of motion in our joints. We were  surprised to discover how cycling, and every-day activities such as using a mobile devices, and driving vehicles is changing the mobility of our bodies and learned new movements to combat the stiffness and poor posture created by these activities. 

Saturday morning, we got straight on our bikes. First Erica dialed in everyone’s body positions for descending. Then we moved into cornering and pressure control (front and rear wheel lifts). After a quick lunch break we headed to the trail to put everything to action on the dirt!

We had a wide range of participants from a new rider to a cyclocross racer. Everyone rode away with a big smile and far more confidence in their riding than they started the day with!

Awesome reviews from this weekend's clinic and sound like this:

"It transformed my riding, my confidence and attitude towards this challenging sport. @ericatingeyprorider thank you for an incredible day! I put my skills to the test today and never felt better. This love/hate relationship (with mountain biking) is headed to love/love in no time!"(Gretchen)

"Feeling very confident in my  riding and looking forward to a great summer of riding!" (Kim)

"There's a good chance this might have to be my new sport. Thank you Erica for teaching me so much this weekend! (Ann T.)



Semi-Private Session

Last night’s semi-private session was a blast! These two didn’t realize they could get their front and rear tire off the ground at the beginning of the session. By the end, they were flying! We also worked on cornering and tight switchbacks. A whole new world of mountain biking had opened up for them! #womeninthemountains


High Fives for new skills!

This is WHY we love getting more women on bikes! The day after the Christchurch, New Zealand clinic (see post below), a handful of us went back to the bike park and there were SO many high fives at the end of the runs! A whole new level of stoke was reached since everyone could handle their bikes even better! 

CHCh High Fives.jpg

Private session with a life long friend!

Private session today with my friend from the 7th grade! She is a natural athlete and we’ve even raced together on the road! This lovely woman has endured some serious bike accidents and continues to get back on and push through her fears. So exciting to see her take on some new skills so she can regain her confidence on the trails! Thanks for being a dear and life long friend Camille!

Skills clinics for women by women on mountain bikes
Mountain bike skills for women in the desert
mountain bike skills for women taught by women

Kelly, mountain biking expert and repeat client!

Sign up for your private session today for results like these! “Thanks for a great class today. Erica is able to break it down to easy simple steps, followed by a demonstration, which enabled me to do things I didn't think I could do. She does a great job at building my confidence. I like the fact that she takes pictures and videos of me. Therefore, I can take it home and review technique. Definitely recommend taking a class from Erica.” Kelly C. 10/27/17

mountain biking for women skills 3.jpg
mountain biking for women skills.jpg
mountain biking for women skills park city.jpg
women jump skills.jpg
park city mountain bike skills.jpg

Kris from Montana

Kris came to Park City last weekend from Montana.Watching her biking confidence sky rocket over the course of 2 days was so rewarding for both of us! One of the last drills we worked on during the second day, she got on and off her bike in a whole new way. She got right into the ready position without hesitation. Kris is going to have a WHOLE NEW experience on the trails from now on. We worked around snowy weather and chilly temperatures AND still had lots of fun!

Rollout App

Thanks to Rollout App for providing Creminelli meat and cheese at lunch this weekend! This was the perfect snack for us as we transitioned from skills practice to our afternoon ride!

creminilli clinic.jpg

Beginner Clinic Day 1

We met on Friday night for a mobility session (specific to cyclists) with Coach Kristen and bike tune ups with Flying Sprocket!

Women in the Mountains, mountain bike skills clinics

Verge Clothing

Verge Sport has outfitted my riding for the past 2 years and I have never been more comfortable! I wear some piece of my "kit" close to 330 days per year, so it has to fit me perfectly. My standard for fabric is incredibly high since it is next to my skin (which is dry much of the year living in a high alpine environment). Enter Verge Sport. Every single piece from them is top notch, absolutely the best I have worn in my 8 years of professional bike career. 

Elite Women ́s Tec-T Short Sleeve Raglan

Mountain Bike Skills for Women, Erica Tingey, Trailside

Crew neck is great for humid environments (New Zealand!) where you don't really want clothing to hug your body!

Strike Jersey (and bibs) perfect for long cross country rides in the cool mountain air. The 3 pockets in the back allow me to ride without a pack. 

Peak Combo Jacket is perfect for early mornings before I teach or mid-day snow biking! This is the warmest cycling jacket I've ever owned!

Hoodie is perfect for hiking, casual spring rides or just hanging out near my bikes!

Flight Jacket is super light and plenty warm for riding in the shoulder seasons. When I warm up I can throw it in the back pocket of my strike jersey and then throw it on for the descents!

Verge even made a jersey for my son to match me! Everywhere he goes, people know he belongs to the local pro rider!

Long Sleeve Team Jersey is great for winter desert rides and spring time hikes!