Lisa, an avid and quick learner

Time for a shout out! Lisa is new to mountain biking, she showed up to with a smile and great attitude to 2 clinics in September and here’s how it went: Repost from @gymtree - after 12 hrs of @womeninthemountains mtn biking clinics, so tired. So unbelievably fun. I wish everyone could go learn the techniques properly from pro racers and best trained coaches. YouTube videos and friends’ advice don’t compare to this one-on-one coaching and critiquing from the best. The coaches are the happiest people and excited about everything we work on. I learned and improved so much today. Extremely glad to learn the proper positioning and techniques.Best to learn some skills in a controlled setup first vs taking a shot at it coming down the mtn. Don’t miss out on this opportunity...and let’s go ride together @womeninthemountains @ericatingeyprorider 

 (Lisa is a surgical assistant in Utah County, raising 5 children and loves to be active outdoors with them as much as possible.She started mountain biking more with her sons and was excited to learn more so she can have the best time out on the mountain with her kids and bikes.)