Verge Clothing

Verge Sport has outfitted my riding for the past 2 years and I have never been more comfortable! I wear some piece of my "kit" close to 330 days per year, so it has to fit me perfectly. My standard for fabric is incredibly high since it is next to my skin (which is dry much of the year living in a high alpine environment). Enter Verge Sport. Every single piece from them is top notch, absolutely the best I have worn in my 8 years of professional bike career. 

Elite Women ́s Tec-T Short Sleeve Raglan

Mountain Bike Skills for Women, Erica Tingey, Trailside

Crew neck is great for humid environments (New Zealand!) where you don't really want clothing to hug your body!

Strike Jersey (and bibs) perfect for long cross country rides in the cool mountain air. The 3 pockets in the back allow me to ride without a pack. 

Peak Combo Jacket is perfect for early mornings before I teach or mid-day snow biking! This is the warmest cycling jacket I've ever owned!

Hoodie is perfect for hiking, casual spring rides or just hanging out near my bikes!

Flight Jacket is super light and plenty warm for riding in the shoulder seasons. When I warm up I can throw it in the back pocket of my strike jersey and then throw it on for the descents!

Verge even made a jersey for my son to match me! Everywhere he goes, people know he belongs to the local pro rider!

Long Sleeve Team Jersey is great for winter desert rides and spring time hikes!