Inspiring private session with a beginner

Read this inspiring testimonial, it is exactly what we live for!❤️

 "I've been scared of bikes my whole life. From a traumatic crash when I was young, relearning when I was in college, to crying as I attempted mountain biking last summer... It's always been scary. Like, really scary. 

Enter Women in the Mountains. As a Christmas present, I received a private lesson! Honestly I was scared going into the day, but excited at the prospect of getting over my fears.

Well, on May 5th, which happened to be International Women's Bike Day, I spent three hours with Erica and Christine and conquered my fear of bikes! They were kind, patient, and fantastic coaches. We learned all the basics so that I felt comfortable and confident on the trail.

I walked away from the day even EXCITED for the next time that I get to try out my new skills. A giant thank you to Erica, Christine, and Women in the Mountains. I couldn't recommend them enough (especially for super beginners 😊)