Adobe Session #3

Last night we had the 3rd and final session of the @adobe clinics. Since we split into two groups, they each deserve their own posts! Shelly worked with the women that had little to no experience on their bikes and the improvement was dramatic! On the first night there were so many hesitations from each of them and last night there was so much excitement, story telling and huge smiles at the end of the night! These 4 were rolling over and off of things they never thought possible. They also took a few spills with grace! They are true mountain bikers now, ready for any challenge the trail presents them!


Women of @adobe (part 2). The third session with the intermediate group had them FLYING!These women are tough as nails and brave as Wonder Woman! They each improved greatly, including a few that had never had their tires leave the ground before. They were so surprised by how easy it felt after building all the foundational skills. We had a blast getting to know this group over the past 3 weeks. New friends for life!