Charmaine returned to us for another session, this time her goals were to learn the pedal wheelie and the manual and she succeeded! Sign up for your private session at to learn all the skills outlined below!

Coach @vsolomon36 started with the foundational movements.  Charmaine did a great job getting her front wheel up and starting to find the balance point with both wheelies and manuals! For wheelies, it really helped her to think about starting with her foot high and committing to the punch while looking ahead and keeping her arms straight. And for manuals, she had a real aha moment when she started thinking about the foot push as a leg press instead of a squat to help her really get her weight back. Charmaine created the habit to use her rear brake to save going off the back on wheelies. 

Then they moved to the pump track and Charmaine had a breakthrough moment with really getting tall to make the back of the bike heavy and the front light going thru the rollers. 

They finished up with working on drops. 

Overall she had a blast and was so happy with her improvement!