Welcome! Women in the Mountains is on a mission to empower women to know their own strength on and off the bike! We are dedicated to living a life full of possibilities.  We hold ourselves to a high standard with our clear communication, clean language and dedication to our clients. We believe in abundance and kindness and always working with a smile! Contract job listings below. (UPDATE: administrative assistant and social media/marketing manager positions are filled).


You’re a fun, multipassionate, mountain bike pro who’s committed to using your gifts to make the world a better place. You live, breathe and dream bikes.  You have your WFR and PMBIA certifications.

You’re committed to creating a positive environment wherever you go, on or off the bike.  You are interested in personal and group development. You use clean language and proper grammar 100% of the time while with clients.

This position is primarily in the field. You'll meet with clients at trailheads and lead individuals and groups in skills sessions as well as mountain bike rides. As a part of our team, you’ll have the opportunity to help grow and shape the future of our company. The only limit is your drive, commitment and imagination.

This is an outline of YOU

  • You’re an effective, clear communicator
  • You’re  ALWAYS on time (if not 15 minutes early) and strive to think ahead of every situation
  • You’re able to juggle multiple clients and communicate effectively with them
  • You have a solid understanding of skills developement
  • You have the PMBIA curriculum memorized as well as drills and skills from your own experience
  • You shower every single morning, always have clean smelling clothing, you don't wear perfume while riding or teaching (no smell is the best smell while teaching). Your personal hygiene is fastidiously clean. 
  • You can smile all day long, regardless of how cold, how hot, or how tired you are.
  • You have excellent health and strength. You can ride for 3 hours without stopping and can push two 45 pound bikes up a hill for 25 minutes. 
  • You loved getting your WFR and love to keep up on wilderness medicine procedures
  • You use proper grammar and know how to keep conversations and language clean.
  • You love personal development and are always on the lookout for ways to become your best
  • You know how to work with a team of coaches, constantly working to make sure other coaches have what they need before they have to ask
  • You’re obsessive about being the best at what you do
  • You go above and beyond regularly — not for credit, but because that’s how you roll
  • You want to learn and grow — forever more!
  • The phrase “That’s not my job” is not a part of your vocabulary
  • You’re not thin skinned or (overly) attached to your ego — you’re focused on finding, developing and executing on the best ideas to get the best results
  • You’re 10,000% comfortable working in a virtual environment
  • You do great work autonomously and as part of a highly collaborative team (you’ll need to do both!)
  • You’re a born GO-GETTER — always looking for ways to add value, do better work, improve efficiencies, build others up and make the world a better place

The finer points:

  • This is a freelance position
  • This is a position working with  our team in-person on the trail
  • Your location isn’t as important as your attitude and talent, we are looking for coaches all of over the United States, New Zealand and the World!
  • 3+ years experience teaching mountain biking
  • Some mountain bike racing experience prefered

This position won't work for you if:

  • You have personal drama
  • You aren’t familiar with Women in the Mountains, our brand or our voice
  • You don’t really commit wholeheartedly to anything
  • You don’t like marketing, sales or being the best
  • You think self-help is weird
  • You have no sense of humor

Here’s how to apply:

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