Race Results: 2010-2017


6 Hours of Frog Hollow (2nd)

Cactus Hugger (ICUP): 1st
Sea Otter Classic: 44th

Weekly Race Series at Coyote Canyon: 2nd

Sundance Showdown Super-D: 2nd
Soldier Hollow (ICUP) 6th

Weekly race series Biathlon at Soldier Hollow: 1st

Northstar Enduro: 4th

Angel Fire ProXCT (Chile Challenge): 14th
Masters State RR: No result, all results were nullified due to poor course markings
National Championships: 13th

Windham ProXCT

Deer Valley Enduro


National Championships Enduro: 9th
Masters World Championships (Road) Time Trial: 4th
Utah State Championship (Road) crit: 7th

USCUP/ProXCT #1 Mellow Johnny's: 9th
USCUP/ProXCT #2 Bonelli Park XC: 27th
USCUP/ProXCT #2 Bonelli Park STXC: 14th
USCUP/ProXCT #3 Fontana XC: 28th
USCUP/ProXCT #3 Fontana STXC: 24th

Cactus Hugger/ICUP Race #2: 2nd


Sea Otter STXC: 14th

Sea Otter XC: 12th
Whiskey 50 Fat Tire Crit: 9th
Whiskey 50: 12th
Nove Mesto World Cup (Czech Republic): 78th
Albstadt World Cup (Germany): 72nd

ProXCT #4 Missoula: 14th

Desert Scorpion/ICUP Race: 1st
USCUP/ProXCT #4 XC Colorado Springs: 24th

USCUP/ProXCT #4 STXC Colorado Springs: 16th
Snowbird/ICUP: 1st
ProXCT/Catamount Classic: 22nd
Windham World Cup: 48th
Masters National Championship TT 35-39: 1st
Masters National Championship Road Race 35-39: 1st


ProXCT Series Overall (3rd)

ProXCT #1 Mellow Johnny's (8th)

ProXCT #2 Bonelli Park XC (8th)
USCUP Super D at Bonelli Park (5th)
USCUP STXC at Bonelli Park (7th)
ProXCT #3 Fontana XC (5th)
USCUP Super D at Fontana (11th)
USCUP STXC at Fontana (7th)
ICUP #2 Cactus Hugger (1st)


ProXCT #4 Sea Otter STXC (17th)

ProXCT #4 Sea Otter XC (16th)
Whiskey 50 Fat Tire Crit (6th)
Whiskey 50 (7th)

ICUP #4 Call to Sundance (1st)

Mid-Week Race #2 (2nd)

Mid-Week Race #3 (2nd)
ProXCT #5 Bump N' Grind STCX (2nd)

ProXCT #5 Bump N' Grind XC (3rd)
GoPro Mountain Games XC (5th)
GoPro Mountain Games Road TT (3rd)
ProXCT #6 Missoula XC (23rd)
ProXCT #6 Missoula STXC (3rd)
ProXCT #7 Windham US National MTB Race (4th)
ProXCT #8 Subaru Cup (16th)
ProXCT #8 Subaru Cup (15th)

National Championships XC (14th)
National Championships STXC (16th)
ProXCT #9 Catamount Classic XC (15th)
ProXCT #9 Catamount Classic STXC (13th)
World Cup XCO Mont-Sainte-Anne (37th)

Iceman Cometh (6th, Pro)
6 Hours in Frog Hollow (2nd, duo-coed)
Mt. Charleston Hill Climb Road Race (1st overall Cat 1-4)
Tara Llanes Classic XC (1st, Pro)
Park City Point to Point (8th, Pro)
Mt. Ogden 50 K (1st, Pro/expert)
Mid-Week Race #10 (2nd, Pro/expert)


Mid-Week Race #4 (1st, Pro/expert)

Utah State Championship-Pedalfest (1st, Pro)
Mid-Week Race #3 (2nd, Pro/expert)
ICUP #6 Stan Crane Memorial (1st, Pro)
Mid-Week Race #2 (1st, Pro/expert)
ICUP #5 Hammerfest at the Hollow (1st, Pro)
ICUP #4 Sundance Spin (1st, Pro)
USCS Alpine Crit XC (1st, Pro)
Sea Otter Classic (14th, Pro)
ICUP #2 Cactus Hugger (1st, Pro)
Pro XCT #2-Bonelli Park (6th, Pro)
Pro XCT #1-Mellow Johnny's (15th, Pro)
Frozen Hog (2nd, Pro/Expert)

Iceman Cometh (9th, Pro)
Tara Llanes Classic XC (2nd, Pro)
Park City Point to Point (2nd, Pro)
Mid-Week Race #12 (1st Pro/Expert)
Mt. Ogden 50K (1st, Open)
Mid-Week Race #11 (1st, Pro/Expert)
USCS Super XC (3rd, Pro)
Mid-Week Race #10 (1st, Pro/Expert)
ICUP Race #11 @Snowbasin (4th, Pro)
Dirt Grand Prix (4th, Pro)
ICUP Race #10@Solitude (3rd, Pro)
ICUP Race #9-Bout @Dutch Hollow (1st, Pro)
Mid-Week Race #5 (1st Pro/Expert)
USCS XC @ Round Valley (2nd, Pro)
ICUP Race # 8-Wimmer's XC (1st, Pro)
Mid-Week Race # 3 (1st, Pro/Expert)
ICUP Race #7 Deer Valley (6th, Pro)
Mid-Week Race # 2 (1st, Pro/Expert)
ICUP Race #6-Stan Crane Memorial (4th, Pro)
Mid-Week Race # 1 (16th, expert men or 1st woman)
ICUP Race #5-Hammerfest (1st, Pro)
ICUP Race # 4-Sundance @ Soldier (4th, Pro)
Pro XCT-Sea Otter Classic (21st, Pro)

ICUP Race #2-Cholla Challenge (2nd, Pro)

Pro XCT-Fontana (20th, Pro)

ICUP Race #1-Red Rock Rampage (3rd, Pro)

Pro XCT-Bonelli Park (1st, Cat 1)



25 Hours Frog Hollow (1st, 4 person female team)
6 Hours in Frog Hollow (1st, Solo)
Park City Point to Point (5th, Open)
Mt. Ogden 50 K (1st, Pro)
Sundance Single Speed Challenge (2nd)
Soldier Hollow-Race #14 (2nd)
Full Throttle Mid-Week Race # 7 (1st)
Full Throttle Mid-Week Race # 6 (1st)
ICUP Race #13-The Canyons (3rd, Pro)
ICUP Race #12-Snowbasin (3rd, Pro)
ICUP Race # 11 -Solitude (5th, Pro)
ICUP Race # 10 -Snowbird (2nd, Pro)
ICUP Race #9 -Taming the Tetons (5th, Pro)
ICUP Race #8-Sherwood Hills (4th, Pro)
ICUP Race #7-Deer Valley Pedalfest (3rd, Pro)
ICUP Race #6-Stan Crane Memorial (2nd, Expert)
ICUP Race #5-Hammerfest Hollow (1st, Expert)
ICUP Race #4-Sundance Spin (2nd, Expert)
ICUP Race #3-5 Miles Pass (1st, Expert)
ICUP Race #2-Cholla Challenge (5th, Expert)
ICUP Race #1-Red Rock Rampage (1st, Sport)