Paleo Recipes

I've tried a bunch of new Paleo recipes but I don't want to clutter my biking blog with recipes. I have a feeling it will be a very small audience that's interested in recipes. I would like to refer those that are to my recipe blog. Please note that only the latest entries are Paleo. You can sort by type of recipe on the side bar of that blog.


Last weekend I had a very interesting conversation with Lynda Wallenfels (check out her coaching website). Since her knowledge is very extensive on training, I wanted to ask her about what do do for cross training in the off season. I knew that she does Cross Fit and wondered about that and running, yoga and jump-roping. She suggested that Cross Fit not the best for me since it builds muscle and I need to lean out. So that lead to a conversation about eating Paleo. The Paleo Diet: "eating a diet consistent with human genetic evolution and our ancestral, Paleolithic based on lean meats, seafood, fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables can lead to ideal body weight, optimum health, and peak athletic performance".
I came home from the race and immediately read "The Paleo Solution" and "The Paleo Diet for Athletes". The Paleo Solution is a fun read and really motivating. I finished that first then moved onto the Athletes book. It's not as fun to read, but it has very specific and helpful information for athletes. The athletic gains that have been made by athletes using this diet are amazing, not to mention the health benefits.
So, Johnny & I started last Wednesday, we are 7 days in a feel great! It was a very easy transition, just removed greek yogurt, beans and grains. Luckily, I kicked the sugar habit 8 months ago (I still eat very dark chocolate, I mean, it's not worth living without chocolate!). This is perfect timing since I'm taking time off the bike. I can get my body adjusted to this way of eating before I start putting demands on it again.
Are any of you, dear readers Paleo? Any great recipe or snack ideas?