Julbo 2012

Julbo sent some more glasses for me to try out for 2012. I raced in the the Dust last weekend and was completely blown away by how light they felt on my face. I literally couldn't feel them. Without a frame on the lower section there is plenty of air flow and the lenses wrap around for full peripheral vision. They have become my immediate favorites! The Pipeline is similar to the Dirt that I raced in all of last year. They have open temples that are highlighted in orange (rad!). You'll notice that I was wearing the Dirt on every ride and race last year, so that tells you how much I love the fit! Now, I'll just have to decide which pair matches my mood for the day! Each pair is extremely comfortable and performs better than any sunglasses I've ever owned.  Ever since they sent me glasses last year, I've worn a pair of Julbos every time I've put my leg over a bike. Come to think about it, I haven't left the house without a pair of Julbo sunglasses.  I love them. Thank you Julbo! My offer stands again this year. When you see me wearing a pair feel free to ask to try them on. You will be hooked immediately!

Dust, Mona, Pipeline 

Dust, Mona, Pipeline

The Pipeline
The Dust

The Mona

Stan's No Tubes

Stan's No Tubes delivered again this year! I was in need of 26" and 29" wheels and of course plenty of sealant. They made sure I got the lightest race wheels possible.  This is my third year racing with Stan's NoTubes wheels and I've had nothing but the best results with them.  They are a really cool company, I've met Stan and his wife Cindy and a few of the employees. Top-notch people running a top-notch company. I'm honored to race these wheels!

Küat Racks

Having become increasingly tired of playing Jenga with my bikes in the trunks of cars, I finally admitted to myself that it was time to buy a big-girl bike rack. I had first seen the Küat Racks about a year ago and was immediately impressed by their cool design and multiple features. Küat Racks are the "Apple" of the bike industry. They are all about clean design, cool packaging and beautifully functional tools. What was truly awesome was how positive and friendly the people at Küat were when I talked to them about a product sponsorship. I'm thrilled to have such a cool company and product on board with me!

Lazer Helmet!

I am so stoked to have Lazer Sport as my new helmet sponsor this year! "Helmeteer Chris" sent me the Helium as I had requested, even though it's technically a road helmet. I love the look and color (yes, plain white:) of the Helium. My favorite features are the Rollsys and the Magic Buckle (it's magnetic). Alone, those are enough to make you love the helmet, but there is even more to love, so just go try one on already and you'll love it guaranteed!


ESI Grips is taking care of me again this year. They sent a great care package last week and I'm STOKED! Their grips are my favorite grips by far, I've talked about them before here and here.  They started making custom grips too, so I ordered up some red/black/red  & black/red/black to match my bikes. Just as exciting are these t-shirts. They are so soft and flattering, I wear my green one from last year all the time. So now you can "ask me about my silicone"!

CarboRocket Sponsor!

I'm beyond stoked to have CarboRocket sponsor me again this year! I love the product, use it every single ride and race. I believe in it 100% and love to spread the word! I was sponsored by them last year also and was part of the photoshoot & video shoot. The website has just been redesigned and you can find my mugshoot on the front page!
This year I will be doing mountain biking clinics again. In addition to the CarboRocket samples I'll have to pass out, I will also have a discount code for attendees to place an order with a discount. So come on out to my clinics and you'll get a double dose of goodness from CarboRocket!

Giro Gloves!

Giro sent some gloves over for me to race in. They rock! They are so comfortable and light. I requested full finger gloves, that's all I mountain bike in. I used to think full fingers were only for the cold, but now I wear them no matter how hot it is when I mountain bike. I like to protect my fingers from low branches (or cacti) and any contact I may have with the dirt (hopefully not while crashing!)
A few years ago John really messed up some finger nails during a crash, so now I'm a firm believer in full finger, light weight gloves. These are made for women and they fit like a, no, I'm not going to say it. They are awesome, I will say that! You'll see me wearing them on every race course from now on!

Giro Sponsor!

I'll be super stylin' now with my new helmet and shoes! My friend hooked me up with Giro for a sponsorship & I'm psyched to represent! The shoes fit like a glove, literally. They hug my feet for a precise pedal stroke. The helmet is super comfortable & good looking too. Thanks to Giro!

Julbo write-up

The great people at Julbo interviewed me and wrote up a great article, check it out here!

Longtime fan of Julbo, Erica Tingey officially joins its bike team

Erica Tingey

For someone who has only been racing for 13 months, Julbo athlete Erica Tingey is making some noise on the pro racing scene. Although she just obtained her UCI Pro License earlier this year, she placed 21st among the 35 fastest female pro XCT racers in the country recently at the Sea Otter Classic, and she has her sights set on top placements at some of the burliest, most competitive races this year. A devoted mom, wife and cyclist, Erica trains year-round on road or on the network of singletrack outside her home of Las Vegas, Nevada. When race season really gets going, it’s north to Park City, Utah for cooler climes and higher climbs. Here’s the dirt on Erica, who also happens to love the Julbo Dirt.

How long have you been racing pro?
My first official mountain bike race was March 2010, just 13 months ago. I signed up for a local mountain biking series and quickly moved through the categories; three months later I was racing in the pro category. Most of the mountain bike races in the Western region don’t require a USA Cycling Pro License, and none of the races I did last year required one. So my early season goal for 2011 was to obtain a UCI Pro license. I won my first USA Cycling sanctioned XC race as a Cat 1 by enough that I was able to successfully petition for a Pro License.

Erica Tingey
What is your discipline, and what are your goals for 2011?
My discipline is cross country mountain bike racing, with a specialty in powering up long, sustained climbs. My goals for 2011 are to place top 15 at the Cross Country National Championship in Sun Valley, Idaho and the last Pro XCT in Missoula, Montana. I also plan to place top 5 at The Leadville 100 and Park City Point to Point.

When did you sign on with Julbo?

I signed on three weeks ago; however, I am quite familiar with Julbo glasses. I purchased my first pair in 1995; I climbed Mt. Rainier for the first time that year. It was well-known that the very best glacier glasses were Julbos – that was what you “had” to wear, so I saved up for a pair and loved them. A few years later I became a climbing guide on Mt. Rainier and wore those same great Julbos every day on the mountain. These days I find myself in need of high-speed, photochromic performance glasses. Julbo makes the lightest, most comfortable biking glasses I’ve ever worn! I am honored to represent such a high-quality, international company.

Erica Tingey

What are your favorite pairs?
The Dirt is my favorite all-around pair. I’ve raced in them a few times now and they’ve preformed perfectly! They are super lightweight and the transition lenses are perfect for mountain biking and racing in particular. I can go through trees, shade and sun and my eyes are always protected and comfortable. Plus, they look super fast! The Contestframes are ideal for my training rides. They have a great wrap-around style that keep out the low, early morning sun and the lenses transition really well from dawn to dusk and every type of terrain. I wear The Touras my every-day and podium glasses. I love the way they look and feel. All of the frames are super comfortable, and I never experience the pinching or squinting that I have with other biking sunglasses.

What is a day-in-the-life of Erica Tingey like?

While my weekends are full of exciting, adrenaline-filled racing, my weekdays are very routine and domestic. I try and get as much of my focused training done in the mornings: a typical weekday training ride lasts between one-and-a-half to two hours, which means I’m out of bed and on my bicycle by 5 a.m. Once home, I turn my attention to my two-year-old, preparing breakfast, playing trains, and being a mom. My son is young enough that he still takes long afternoon naps, which is when I catch up on emails, clean my bikes, or return phone calls. Once he’s awake, it’s full-on mom time until my husband gets home and I can make the “hand-off!” By 8 each night my son is in bed and it’s time to relax. It’s a full day, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

– Interview by Christine Rasmussen


The best sunglasses I have ever worn are made by Julbo. They are the highest quality of lenses and the designs are so comfortable. I will be wearing Julbos everytime I'm outside this year, they've sent me some glasses to represent them in the mountain bike racing scene. I wore "The Dirt" to race in at Cholla Challenge and they performed perfectly! They are super lightweight and the transition lenses are perfect for mountain biking. The "Tour"are my new favorite, every day and podium glasses. I've been training in "The Contest" frames in the mornings and they are ideal for me. They have a nice wrap-around style that keep out the low, early morning sun and the lenses transition perfectly for all lights. You can guarantee any time you see me I'll be wearing these glasses. Feel free to ask to try them on, you'll be hooked as soon as they slide behind your ears!

The Contest

The Dirt

The Tour

ESIgrips Party

ESIgrips sent some party favors. I guess they're more like race favors! I have new race grips and training grips. I'm a true believer in their grips, they make my hands happier than any other grips I've used. The other product they sent is the "Hand Off". The Hand Off eliminates the need for human support or a cooler/chair to set your bottle in. There will plenty of cross country races this year that I won't have John there to hand up bottles to me on my 3rd & 4th laps. I've seen other people use these at races and I'm stoked to have an efficient way to get bottles!
Stop by White Pine Touring to check out these awesome grips!

White Pine Touring-my title sponsor for 2011!

I've had some really cool things happen to me since I started racing mountain bikes. First and foremost, I've met some great people, made some awesome new friends and reconnected with old friends. I'm the best shape I've ever been, which gives me motivation to succeed and makes me happy and, well...faster on my bike! Most recently, I've been given the opportunity to race with White Pine Touring out of Park City, Utah. The top notch crew at White Pine has outfitted me with a bike and other race essentials for what's going to be a great race season. If you're in Park City, be sure and check out their shop. Whether you're skiing, biking, hiking or just wanting to look good out on the town, White Pine will definitely treat you right.
I'm super stoked to be part of their race team and will be participating in a few of their week night group rides. I'll be sure to announce these rides in advanced and hope some of you will attend.

ESI grips

Last summer I was riding with lock-on grips and was OK until it was time to put in some longer miles on my mountain bike. After only one long training ride, my hands were a wreck and I had painful blisters on my palms. My friend recommended ESI grips, so I went for it! I raced Park City Point to Point, a 78 mile mountain bike race with 90% on singletrack and 14,000' of climbing. I placed 5th in the Open Women's division and stood on the poduim with women that have raced for years and are nationally ranked. It was an awesome race, but best of all, my hands felt great! I've since raced and won 6 & 25 hours of Frog Hollow with happy hands! ESI Grips will never leave my bars again and not just because they are a 2011 sponsor, but because they have the best grips!

Stan's No Tubes

I will be rolling faster next year with Stan's No Tubes as a sponsor! I've been riding the ZTR 355 for the past year and LOVE them. I think it's such a great product from such a cool company that I am honored to be represent them. I will be racing on the ZTR Race 29er with a Lefty front Hub. Those wheels are so light! I will still train on the the ZTR 355's just so the Race wheels only "know" how to go super fast, ha!
As part of the sponsorship program, I will be putting on some "how to"clinics to educate riders about the rims, wheels, sealant, etc. These will be fun, short events with a few free samples, well worth your time. I'll post here & on FB & twitter (@EricaTingey) about those events.
Thank you to Stan's No Tubes for being part of my 2011 race season!


I am proud to announce that my very favorite riding fuel, CarboRocket, will be my food sponsor for the 2011 race season. I've never used a sports drink that I've liked this well. I've tried most of them and I believe this is the best. It has a smooth, subtle taste that I can drink all day long and I never have stomach or other issues with it. Recently, CarboRocket released 333 "Half-Evil" Endurance Fuel. It's designed to be your only source of fuel all day long. I've been using it on my longer training rides (and using a watered-down version on the weekdays) and it's awesome!
There is a funny story behind how I discovered CarboRocket. It was a 37 degree day last May when I was pre-riding the Intermountain Cup Lehi race (5-Mile Pass). I'd ridden 3/4 of the lap when I realized that I dropped my BRAND NEW riding coat. I knew that if I turned around, I wouldn't have time to ride the last part of the course, but I figured that finding my coat trumped finishing the course. So, I started to ride the course backwards and when I got to the top of the hike-a-bike I saw another rider. I asked him if he'd seen a white coat and lo and behold he had, right near the beginning of the course. It wasn't until after I had verbally expressed my discontent (read: used sailor language) that I introduced myself. (Yes, I realize that's the wrong order). It ended up being Brad Keyes (owner/founder of CarboRocket). I then showed him the texts my husband had sent me that afternoon, he'd said that many of the mountain bikers in Utah use CarboRocket and that I should find some for my race the following day. Brad let me know that they would have some for sale at the start line. The next day I did the biggest race no-no. I used a product on race day that I had never used before. To my surprise it turned out to be the best fuel choice I'd made in a long time. I won my race that day in Lehi and have used CarboRocket at every single race since then.
I'm thrilled to have CarboRocket on my side this year! Thanks, Brad.