Women in the Mountains is a clinic created to build mountain bike skills for women of all levels.
Bring  your love for bicycles, an avid appreciation for the outdoors, and a smile! 
This women-focused skills clinic will provide the opportunity to enhance your mountain biking skills in a comfortable and relaxed setting. While building the physical skills, we also work the mindset. We foster and environment of personal growth and empowerment, on and off the bike! 

We take the development of skills from a safe and logical standpoint. We break down each skill and build it in ways that nearly everyone can be on their way to mastery. With safety as the number one goal, we work conservatively  and thoughtfully, watching each client to be sure they are ready to move onto the next skill. With hundreds of students as success stories, we are certain you will also take your mountain biking to the next level! Come work the best mountain bike instructors in the country! Lead coach, Erica Tingey, is a PMBIA certified instructor, USA Cycling Coach, UCI professional mountain biker, JAMIS Bicycles XC Team racer, and experienced teacher.


Beginner Clinics are for true beginners to the sport. You must know how to ride a bike and be comfortable on your feet for a couple of hours at a time. We'll teach you the rest! These clinics cover: body position for climbing and descending, shifting, braking, basic cornering, front wheel lift, rear wheel lift, starting on a hill.

Intermediate Clinics  are for women who are confident on single track and eager to take their skills to the next level. If you can get your front wheel up, pump, manual, brake effectively, get some air and control the bike, then you are an intermediate rider. Although these clinics focus on skills and we stop frequently, riders must have the endurance to sustain a long day in the saddle.

Park City Intermediate Clinics focus on alpine riding.  Alpine riding in Park City is typically cornering intensive, less obstacles to ride over. These clinics cover riding a variety of corners: berms, tight corners, ratcheting corners. Pressure control is developed after cornering is covered (front wheel lift, rear wheel lift review, then on to front wheel drop, manual, wheelie.)

The June 22nd  intermediate clinic is sponsored by Küat Racks and currently has a Facebook giveaway going on for a free spot! It is being taught in conjunction with LW Coaching in Park City, will be the perfect progression for any desert clinic participant and all intermediate riders. June 22nd will focus on cornering only, we will not work on pressure control this day at all.

The intermediate clinics in St. George focus on desert riding .  Desert riding typically involves riding up and down obstacles, so these clinics develop pressure control: front wheel lift, rear wheel lift review, then on to front wheel drop, manual, wheelie.


June 22nd: Park City, UT (Intermediate cornering clinic) Sponsored by Küat Racks and  co-hosted with LW Coaching

June 23rd: Draper, UT (Free community clinic) with Rollout App-register on the App!

July 14: Park City, UT (Beginner)

July 17th, 31st and August 14th, 5 PM- 7 PM: Introduction to mountain biking (2 hours sessions with coaches Shelly and Kristen)

July 18th, 25th and  August 15th, 5 PM- 7 PM: Beginner 2.0 (2 hours sessions with coaches Shelly and Kristen)

July 20, 21 and 22 : Park City, UT  (Intermediate to Advanced-wheelies, manuals, drops, wall rides, jumps to gap jumps)

July 27: Park City, UT (Intermediate cornering clinic with Erica Tingey)

August 3 Ely, NV  (Beginner)

August 4: Ely, NV (Intermediate)

August 9, 10 and 11: Powder Mountain Luxury Retreat

August 20, 27 & September 10: Park City, UT Introduction to mountain biking (2 hours sessions with coaches Shelly and Kristen)

August 25: Park City, UT (Beginner with coaches Shelly and Kristen)

September 7: in Incline Village, NV at Lake Tahoe (Beginner)-with Flume Trail Bikes as our Host

September 8: in Incline Village, NV at Lake Tahoe (Intermediate)-with Flume Trail Bikes as our Host

November 10: St. George, UT (Beginner) co-hosted with LW Coaching

November 17: St. George, UT (Intermediate) co-hosted with LW Coaching

December 1-2: Bootleg, NV (Intermediate to Advanced)


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