"Thank you for a GREAT lesson.  I feel I have renewed confidence based on my new toolbox of skills!  You are an excellent coach.  I should know ;)" Kristen (6/24/2017)

"First and foremost, thank you again for the clinic yesterday! You and Lynda are absolutely amazing! I learned so much and appreciate that it built upon the skills you taught previously. I ride with confidence, flow, and have fun but most importantly, I ride more safely with the knowledge from your clinics and understand my better boundaries but most importantly, I know what I am capable of achieving. Women In the Mountains is top notch and highly recommended for any ladies, any age, who want to take the MTB skills to the next level.          P.S. It was awesome to ride behind you and watch your technique and lines. I think that's a powerful training tool in-and-of itself since I'm a visual see-then-do learner."                     Dee B. (6/10/17)

"Thanks again for a wonderful day. I thought the two of you together did an awesome job and will certainly let others know what a great resource we have in Utah. Got a few new thoughts on skills. It was great to see such a high level competitor/pro who is also a very good coach. That combination doesn’t always exist." Jo G. (6/10/17)

"Trying to relearn how to ride a mtn. bike so yesterday got to participate in a terrific clinic by Erica Tingey and Lynda Wallenfels. I learned so much from them, they are amazing coaches. Now I just have to spend time on the bike to see if I can incorporate all they taught me. They do such an amazing job working with each individual wherever their skill level is. Thanks for the encouragement and positive reinforcement. " Kai R. (6/10/17)

"We rode the day after your clinic and my riding felt a lot smoother already" Susi M. (6/10/17)

"I already have more confidence after learning the new skills from the Women in the Mountain clinic.  I think the most beneficial skills for me was proper body positioning, manuals, and learning to start on an incline.  Oh, and I'm very excited to practice and master my wheelie! Overall, I had a great time and you all are great coaches!  Thanks so much! " Nancy H. (5/13/17)

"HUGE shout out to Women in the Mountains, LW Coaching and Erica Tingey Pro Rider !! LOVE ❤️ these ladies! Cannot thank them enough for the WEALTH of skills taught...priceless my friends." Charity N. (5/13/17)

"Erica and Lynda are a great pair!  Both bring their years of cycling experience, love for the outdoors, and enthusiastic support for women in a way that leaves you feeling excited and empowered.  The clinic was a great!  It provides tools to work on efficiency in a safe and fun way.  Anyone interested in becoming a better mountain biker should strongly consider attending. " Natasha R. (1/23/17)

"This clinic was a perfect intro into the sport of mountain biking. Starting on flat, paved ground was such a relief and a perfect way to learn technical skills in a relatively risk-free environment. Everything was so thought out for the clinic - from the emails describing the day to the skill development to the emphasis on the mental side of biking (and life). I loved having multiple coaches on site to get more one-on-one instruction as well as multiple perspectives on different skills. Having only been mountain biking one other time, the clinic was exactly what I needed, with the perfect amount of information, encouragement and enthusiasm. I took the clinic with a friend and we went out biking the next couple days after the clinic and we couldn't believe how much we were able to use all the skills we learned! We were even able to encourage each other and give feedback based off what we learned in the clinic. Even more than all of this, I loved Erica's emphasis on a positive mindset and focusing on what is ahead of you, not the obstacles directly in front. I learned so much about mountain biking, but more importantly I got a much needed mental shift in my attitude towards life. Seriously, I cannot say enough about how this clinic was so helpful and encouraging. I am now absolutely stoked to continue learning and honing my skills at mountain biking!"  Lindsay M. (1/23/17)

"Two days after the clinic, I hit the trails and shocked my husband with what I was able to do and the total lack of fear with which I was able to do them. I didn't hesitate when I came to a rocky descent or a steep uphill climb because I knew exactly what to do to ride either one. The list of skills taught is short, but once you're on the trail, you have everything you need. I'm a completely different rider than I was before!" Kim L. (1/23/17)

"I've always been just a casual rider, just riding on the paved trails around town, but recently I've wanted to do more, specifically learn to mountain bike. I didn't know where to start and certainly did not have the confidence.  Women in the mountains  MTB clinic popped up on one of my social media feeds and I thought to myself, this is just what I need and I signed up!, It was perfect!  I learned so much about riding and myself...Yes I did go down that hill!  It was small but I did it!  I can't wait to get a real MTB and practice what I learned.  Thanks again to Erica, Lynda and Lisa for your patience with me. " Pam S. (1/23/17)

"Thank you so much for the incredible clinic and for sharing your knowledge with us! I'm excited to implement and improve upon the skills I learned as I hope to take MTB to the highest levels possible for me - but hope to attend more of your skill camps as I know I've only scratched the surface. Happy riding and keep dominating your racing careers!" Dee (11/19/16)

"Thank you so much for all that you do to get more women on bikes. Mountain biking has been a lifeline for me during the last couple of years and the skills that I've learned from both of you have really helped me get more enjoyment out of my time on the trails. " C (11/19/16)

"Awesome Clinic!  Would definitely do again.  Learned useful skills that with lots of practice will make me a better (and safer) rider"  DN (11/12/16)

"What an amazing experience!  Excellent information to really help improve mountain bike skills!  I would highly recommend any woman who is interested in , or already enjoys, mountain biking to take this clinic.  Thank you Erica and Lynda you two are amazing" Brookanne (11/12/16)

"Erica, I absolutely loved everything about the class. Not just bike skills, but attitude skills to go along with it. I learned so much and I am really excited to apply it all to my love of mountain biking. From proper position, placement of weight, to pedal and coaster wheelies and drops. I cannot say enough good about it. My only wish is that I could record it and watch it all over again. Thank you so much!" Virginia (11/12/16)

"You're awesome and your clinic was an absolute blast.  You and Lynda did an amazing job. I'm super excited to take the skills leaned and apply them on the dirt.  Thank you, thank you!!!" Shirley (11/12/16)

"Loved the clinic! For me, it took a week of practicing the "cues" that were taught, specifically to bend elbows, lower chest, butt out and push your weight through the bottom bracket. This has helped my confidence immensely while descending and made the downhill actually fun and not scary!" Carrie (8/6/16)

"Erica, you really are wonderful. It was a great day on the bike sessioning with a bunch of sanguine women! Thank you is not enough!" Moonbeam (8/6/16)

"Erica, thanks for such a great skills clinic. I love your teaching style it really fit me. You always explained the why behind the what and gave a great demonstration. I am totally excited to take all the skills you taught me and apply them. You had me doing things I thought I could not do. I now have more confidence.  Best of all you were very personable and sincerely interested in helping me to be the best I can be. I would recommend you to anyone". Kelly (8/1/16)

"Thanks for an awesome day. Lots of valuable info, tips, drills to build and update the skills! " Susi (6/10/16)