“Awesome group! Erica got me set up with a lesson super fast, picked an awesome area to practice skills I wanted to improve, and recommended a great bike shop for a rental. Virginia was an awesome coach who really knows her stuff! Highly recommend to anyone who wants to improve their skills in the Park City area.” Taylor B., Billings, MT (7/16/19)

“I had great fun yesterday and learned so much from you. I definitely see the benefit in investing in coaching and workshops to improve my biking skills and knowledge. I'm excited to try out everything I've learned on the trails and to have enough knowledge to purchase the bike of my dreams :) I look forward to seeing you again at one of your clinics or another personal training session. I'll be sure to spread the word about 'Women in the Mountains'!” Diane D., SLC, UT (7/16/19)

”I took a clinic with Women in the Mountains this past Saturday and can't say enough positive things about it! The coaches were so supportive and worked through skill progressions in a way that was clear and effective. They also did great demos- so helpful to see proper technique in action and then try it ourselves. Doing drills prior to taking to the trail really solidified technique concepts in advance and then I felt like I was able to apply things more easily on the trail. Erica and Kristen were so amazing at breaking movements down and giving constructive criticism and also kudos when things were going well! It was all around an awesome day and I ended up biking the next to days after the clinic and felt transformed and so much more ready to tackle whatever type of terrain came my way!! Looking forward to doing another clinic and definitely recommend this to women looking to grow their confidence and improve their skills safely and quickly! Thanks SO MUCH Erica and Kristen!!!” Georgia T., Park City, UT (7/16/19)

”I'm a big fan of lessons, and a giant fan of MTB lessons with Women in the Mountains! The Spouse surprised me with a private lesson for my birthday and I had a terrific time. Thanks, babe! And thank you Virginia Solomon and Erica Tingey! “ Amber M., American Fork, UT (7/14/19)

“Great day revamping my skills and gaining knowledge and confidence from some experienced women riders! I couldn't recommend them enough! All skill levels welcome and accepted. The morning was spent learning techniques and the afternoon we applied those techniques. A welcoming safe atmosphere to get your spin on!!!!!” Jill F., Park City, UT (6/29/19)

“Thanks Erica for the skills, drills and mind set alteration of my fear. I had a blast. You gave me the tools to change my whole outlook on something I was afraid of. Such a fun new outlet for me. I so enjoyed our connection also. You are a great coach and confidence builder. Want to learn or better the skills of mountain biking, ladies? Do yourself a grate favor, take a clinic with Women in the Mountains.” Suzanne N., Logan, UT (5/11/19)

"Thank you Erica for an incredible coaching session! It was exactly what I wanted and needed to get my confidence back and feel safer getting back out on the trails. Before my crash, I had "kept meaning to go get a lesson" but felt like my riding was improving and I was having fun. I honestly think if I had gotten coaching earlier, I may not have had such a bad injury. I gained so much knowledge in a short time! I feel totally confident to continue to practice on my own and improve on what I learned. Thank you for tailoring your coaching to my learning style and focusing on what I needed. Thank you for creating a really fun environment for me to build my confidence and learn new skills the safest way. " Deanna A., SLC, UT (5/16/19)

“I really had such a great time! Learned so much and am looking forward to applying the skills I have learned. I am going to keep my eye on upcoming clinics and will definitely recommend you all to friends! Really so happy that I signed up.” Brooks C., Salt Lake City, UT (5/5/19)

“I did the xxxxxx in Whistler. I also did a clinic with Erica Tingey , owner of Women in the Mountains. I learned more from Women in the Mountain's clinic. The xxxx Series was super packed: spent a lot of time on things I didn't need and not enough time on things I did need. I get easily overwhelmed by technical stuff and I need time to process and get confident. Erica's clinic felt way more relaxed. I had time to practice what I needed and I wasn't force to practice what I didn't need. Erica explains things in a way that makes sense, takes pictures and videos of you so you can see what you did right and what you did wrong and improve right there with her. I'd highly recommend her!” Mar C., Ogden, UT (9/10/18)

“Thank you so much for a great day. You were so organized and packed so much into the day, I learned a ton and it was a blast! I’m going to work on my wheelie and send you a photo when I get it down!” Julie O., Sacramento, CA (9/8/18)

"Thank you Erica for a great clinic yesterday! I learned a lot and was able to practice some of “my new moves” on the trail today! The pictures are great! I look forward to taking another clinic with you. Perhaps in Park City next year". Caren G., Lake Tahoe. (9/8/18)

“Erica--what a rad day! More than anything, I wanted more confidence in some technical skills, and GOAL ACHIEVED!! I truly enjoyed my time and thought the experience was so valuable. Thank you!” Jan H., Incline Village, NV (9/8/18)

"Thank you so much for everything! You’re amazing and I loved getting to know you and learn from you. I went on the women’s ride the next day and rode 25 miles all the way up to Marlette Peak and down the Tahoe rim to the flume! It was the hardest, most technical yet most beautiful ride I’ve ever done and all your advice running through my head gave me the confidence to do it! Thank you for encouraging me and helping me become a better rider. Most of all you made me feel like I DESERVED to be out there! I know that sounds funny but it’s true. Thank you again my friend! " Carly S. Carson City, NV (9/7/18)

"It was such a pleasure working with you. I've biked the last couple days and am working on the skills we discussed and practiced.  I'm getting it all now. I will definitely spread the word to my girlfriends.  I know of a couple that are very interested. I love what you are doing for women and am always promoting that myself.   I hope to work with you and your team again." Emily M. (8/30/18)

“Thanks for a fantastic weekend!! I learned so much and can’t wait to practice on the trails! Everything was absolutely amazing!” Kristy (8/10/18)

“How massively inspiring the Powder Mountain Retreat was. I am so excited to play!” Janene (8/10/18)

“My wife had a wonderful time and learned a lot. She is highly motivated and she is trying to talk her friends into buying mountain bikes and taking your courses. She’s already laying out a training plan to improve her skills. Thank you again for the service you provided.” Mark P., Rocksprings, WY (8/5/18)

"Let me start by stating how much fun I had!!  It was great people and great times!  I can’t wait to improve these skills and take the intermediate session!  Erica did an amazing job of explaining things to the level of the class, and that is difficult." Amanda C., Spring Creek, NV (8/3/18)

“Thank you so much for an AMAZING experience all the way around!” Jenny W., Ely, NV (8/3/18)

“You are the best. Thanks for a fun morning! Again, you have given me a lot to think about and lots to work on. Thanks for being so positive and encouraging. You are a true teacher - not everyone who coaches can say that. Thank you so much! “ Cammie T., Park City, UT (8/1/18)

“Thanks again for exceeding expectations on so many levels. Women In The Mountains is like being in an excellent restaurant! You are the “chef”... because it is obvious that you have a high level of expertise, meticulously prepare, and strive to ensure that the “cuisine” is presented in the best possible way. And it is clear your goal is for the customer to come away with a special experience. 
To get away from the food language for a minute, it really comes through strongly that you want to share the unique pleasure and joy of mountain biking. Its not about how cool you look, but rather the feelings of satisfaction that moving in harmony with the bike and the terrain can bring. I especially liked watching the way you demoed skills. Very controlled and precise, less-is-more kinds of movement. To me that is the mark of an expert. Showing how just the right amount of exertion at exactly the right moment. It looks beautiful and effortless, but of course, it takes years of hit or miss, trial and error effort to get to that, not to mention some natural gifts. Jealous! Sigh. But watching you does give something to aim for. And I think something realistic and achievable, which is the attention to detail and precision in small movements. And simple awareness of body/bike position. Kind of like mindfulness, almost, if you’re into that type of thing? 
With your progressive, incremental approach to skill building, you provided a sort of template to use in "learning how to learn” independently, which was one of my main goals of the clinic. Mountain biking is a weird thing to learn as a 57 year old female. Very hard to navigate the Youtube world of instructional videos without feeling like riding manuals for a mile and sending huge whale tale jumps are the essence of the the sport. Your approach gave me more of a sense of how I could get to know my bike and myself a bit better, on my own terms. Feeling what was happening with the small movements that ultimately create balance and control that you should have before going on to bigger challenges.” Lisa S., Park City, UT (8/1/18)

“Christine, thank you so much! I learned so much. I feel way more confident and safe. Thank you, you are an amazing teacher! Looking forward to more soon. “ Carrie C., Park City, UT (7/31/18)

"I am still terrified every time I get on my mountain bike, but I'm slowly feeling more comfortable. I just finished an awesome three-week clinic put on by @womeninthemountains. It was perfect for a newbie like me and I met some pretty amazing ladies. I highly recommend!" Rebecca C., Sandy, UT (7/30/18)

"Had such an amazing night. It was the last night of my beginner mountain bike class. We had a great group of ladies and an amazing teacher (Shelly). I learned much more than I expected to. My confidence grew. I can't thank you coaches enough for what you have done for me. Can't wait to take another class." Kris P., Draper, UT (7/30/18)

"I did it @womeninthemountains 2 day mountain bike clinic in Park City. I wanted to improve and learn better skills in cornering, jumping, descending, you name it...we covered it. Coaching was exceptional and meeting new friends was a blast. So much to think about as I ride now...love this sport!" Brooke B., Kaysville, UT (7/21/18)

"I truly have you to thank for many of my riding skills! My bike would probably be collecting dust if I hadn't found Women in the Mountains and you as an ambassador for the sport and women. I could not stop talking about what an incredible time I had (to my husband). The instructions were top notch, but you (Erica) are the catalyst that takes the full experience to the next level." Dee B., St. George, UT (7/22/18)

"Thank you Erica for the careful and attentive instruction! It was a fabulous weekend and I know I definitely have improved, and have some more specific things to work on! Looking forward to practicing. " Virginia S., Memphis, TN (7/21/18)

"Thank you for offering such great coaching! I have been to a couple of clinics in the last year and by far this has been the most thoughtful and well delivered coaching session. Shelly and Kristen did a fantastic job watching all of us and giving feedback and moving us to the next step just at the right time to keep progression moving. I have since ridden and applied some of the skills and can see improvements in my riding. " Molly M., Perry, UT (7/18/18)

"I wanted to thank Erica for the confidence-boosting clinic. All the coaches (Erica, Shelly and Kristen) made me feel more capable and brave. Their kindness and genuine interest in me was priceless! I had so much fun!" Hayley J., Draper, UT (7/14/18)

"Great clinic with actionable ideas. Getting some practice going and looking forward to another round! Thank you for coaching, the inspiration and the great crew to ride alongside!" Linsly D.,  Park City, UT (7/14/18)

"Thanks for the awesome coaching and instruction. I can't wait to get out and practice my new skills. I will be signing up for a private session once I have had time to get better with my new skills. You have an amazing coaching crew!" Emily B., Salt Lake City, UT (6/22/18)

"What an awesome day! You are all great coaches (Erica, Shelly and Kristen). Thank you, I had a blast. I love what you do and the impact you have on all these women." Diana S., Park City, UT (6/9/18)

"I took the three-day (2 hours each) beginners course with Kristen and Shelly and loved it!! Both instructors were extremely knowledgeable, encouraging, confidence-building and enthusiastic. The three-day format gave me time to get out and play with my new skills between classes, so I think it allowed me to absorb a lot more than a long single day course would have. The course and instructors definitely exceeded my expectations- I tried things I didn't think I had the courage/skill to try; I was inspired by the instructors' ability to make everything look so smooth and awesome and fun; I learned a ton that I am excited to build into my muscle memory; and I had a blast. Thanks so much Shelly and Kristen!!" Cynthia D., Park City, UT(6/8/18)

"Shelly and Kristen are exceptional instructors that breakdown the sport in an easy learning environment. Their tiered style of coaching lends itself to empower bikers. I am telling everyone to do this workshop for a life confidence builder. It doesn't matter the level - just do it - you won't regret it." Shoree B., Park City, UT (6/8/18)

"Ready position! I had so much fun working with Erica &  Lynda . Observing these incredibly talented, strong women was inspiring. Seeing their passion for this sport has definitely left an impression and has me feeling pumped to learn more! They did such a wonderful job breaking down the dynamics of mountain biking and created a safe environment for us to then practice our newly learned techniques. I’m looking forward to continuing my progression with @womeninthemountains and cannot wait for the next clinic." Bre B., Diamond Valley, UT (5/12/18)

"Thank you both (Erica and Lynda) for such a great day! I keep reflecting back on it and I am anxious to go back out and ride so I can practice what you taught me. It really was a fun, beautiful day! Fantastic teaching skills. I loved all of it."  Vicki C., Cedar City, UT (5/12/18)

"I want to thank both Erica and Lynda for an amazing day and introduction to mountain biking. I have never been on a mountain bike or knew anything about mountain biking. This clinic gave me the confidence to take the techniques learned and go out on the trails. Thank you for taking the time and having the patience to work with all of us and still making the clinic feel individualized. I look forward to attending more of your clinics and hitting the trails. Thank you for everything ladies!"  Katie W., Henderson, NV (5/12/18) 

"Thank you for yesterday. It was a great learning experience  (there's simply no replacement for being out there on the bike-with GOOD information). I loved learning the correct way to do things. Priceless! Now all I have to do is translate it into practice and make it my own. Can't wait for the intermediate class in November."  Dru O., St. George, UT (5/12/18)

"Thank you again for an amazing day! You have successfully impacted my life for the better! Erica and Lynda are skilled, professional, supportive and definitely have a gift for bringing out the best in women. Can't wait to take the intermediate class!"  Connie V., St. George, UT (5/12/18)

"Mountain biking does not come naturally for me. My husband has been trying to get me to try it for about 18 years. Now my children are doing it. So I decided it was time I learned. My husband knew about these clinics. So he signed me up. I am so glad he did. I just did the beginner clinic in St. George. I was nervous about doing it. Erica and Lynda were so kind and patient. They made me feel so comfortable. They started at the very beginning with simple skills. Which is exactly what I needed. I cannot believe how much I learned in one day. I had the best time and feel so much more confident about riding now. Every women who wants to learn to mountain bike should do this clinic. I loved it so much that I am going to do another one. And I can’t wait to get some of my friends to do it too! I cannot recommend this enough. Excellent coaches with an easy to learn approach." Tami B., Sandy, UT (5/12/18)

"It transformed my riding, my confidence and attitude towards this challenging sport. @ericatingey thank you for an incredible day! I put my skills to the test today and never felt better. This love/hate relationship (with mountain biking) is headed to love/love in no time!" Gretchen K., Park City, UT (4/28/18)

"There's a good chance this might have to be my new sport. Thank you Erica for teaching me so much this weekend!  Ann T., Layton, UT (4/28/18)

"Thanks for a great clinic. Feeling very confident in my  riding and looking forward to a great summer of riding!" Kim R. of Cottonwood, UT (4/28/18)

"Thank you so much.  I feel like I learned a lot about things I didn't even know I needed to do!  Thanks for the confidence boost & the skills to get better." Peregrine, Park City, UT (4/25/18)

"I had such an awesome time learning with you yesterday and meeting all the other inspirational women too.   I really am keen to have more coaching from you, Erica." Emma A. Christchurch, NZ 3/10/18


“Had a humbling 1st place finish last week in the cycle cross race…catA…with one more race to go. Need you ladies to know that I am truly indebted to you both. Not one training ride goes by that I don’t think about all you’ve taught me.” Charity N., (11/17)

“Loved the clinic! I learned so much. We rode on Sunday and I can tell I am a better rider. My husband was like ‘wow you are descending a lot faster’. I felt confident and in control. I plan to provide more feedback as to what really helped me when I get time.” Lindsay (10/9/17)

"I'm telling you @ericatingey knows how to make a girl feel rad on a bike and removes the fear of learning new skills. FOR REALZIES THOUGH- if you want to learn how to ride a bike in the mountains, and you're a girl..... get to a clinic with @womeninthemountains like yesterday. (Not sponsored- I just really freaking love this program)."  Shannon D.  of Farmington, UT(10/7/17)

"What an amazing Park City weekend. I was able to participate in a #womeninthemountains bike clinic. I learned so much! @ericatingey is an amazing coach.  I rode the next day and my husband said "wow, you are descending a lot faster today!" I felt confident and in control".  Lindy S. of Logan, UT (10/7/17)

"I can't wait to apply the skills you taught us. I already feel like a better rider mentally. I will definitely recommend your clinic to friends and I will be attending another one for sure in the future. It makes total sense for several reasons to attend the beginner clinic first as well! " Brandi C. (10/7/17)

"Thanks a million to the lovely  Erica Tingey for teaching me some skills long overdue!" Amy-Rose W. (10/7/17)

"You know how sometimes you feel old and like a one trick pony? Today I learned some new tricks with @ericatingey at one of her @womeninthemountains clinics! I'm excited to put the skills into practice, and felt the clinic was very worthwhile. It would have taken me a bajillion YouTube videos and lots of crashes to learn those skills to that level." Susan G. (10/7/17)

"After taking a few too many falls, I contacted Women in the Mountains for a private coaching session to help me regain confidence and develop a stronger understanding of how to prioritize my thinking on descents. I was thoroughly impressed with the thoughtfulness of the curriculum, and the manner in which it was presented demonstrated that Erica is an EXCELLENT coach - reading me and my tendencies and progressing / pushing me at the perfect rate. I highly recommend the half-day one-on-one format for anyone who is struggling or who just wants to know how to improve their technique. I have a renewed confidence since my session with Erica and I am enjoying riding several times per week. Thank you for a great session! I will be back !" Kristen L. (9/8/17)

"I want to thank you for your patience with me as a beginner and getting me off to the right start for riding. I truly appreciate all the input you gave, the encouragement offered, and the ease in which you managed the group. It was a great experience and a necessary one for me. I realized as fatigue sucked at me how many times I've encouraged my kids to try something new and outside their comfort level in a safe setting, while staying out of these encounters myself. (I recognize the hypocrisy...part of parenting?) This is what I needed to remind me an old dog can learn new tricks and even if I don't do necessarily well, the attempt was worth it. Better off for the experience! It will lead me to riding more, although likely on something less challenging so I don't get too frustrated (and I can take a kid or two)!" Lindy W. of Elko, NV (8/26/17)

"Fantastic time with Erica and Women in the Mountains. I got a mountain bike a couple of years ago and quickly learned that mountain biking is not the biking I remembered as a kid. Erica's amazing approach to learning basic skills and putting them to practice on an actual trail was educational and FUN. Doing this as an all women's clinic made it relaxing. Erica taught me so much and I would highly recommend to anyone. I look forward to doing another clinic next year. " Kathy L. (8/26/17)

""I ENJOYED EVERY SINGLE SECOND of learning how to ride a Mountain Bike. 🙋🏻😍🚵🏻‍♀️ What???!!! SERIOUSLY- I'm dying to get out and practice what I've learned. She is a mountain biking WIZARD who gets how to explain things so it makes sense. Being an incredible cyclist is a skill. Being an incredible teacher of how to cycle is a completely separate skill. @ericatingey has both skills and that made all the difference. I CANT WAIT TO RIDE A MOUNTAIN BIKE AGAIN 👈🏻👈🏻👈🏻 words I thought I'd never say. Thank you @womeninthemountains for changing my mind!!!!" Shannon D. (8/6/17)

"I just have to say that I had the absolute BEST time Saturday at the Mtb skills clinic!!! Erica is absolutely an amazing coach and I highly recommend Women in the Mountains to anyone who wants to learn about or improve their mountain biking skills! I can not say enough great and wonderful things about the clinic and Erica. Erica is so thoughtful, considerate, patient, kind, knowledgeable, skilled, humble, professional and the list goes on. Erica is so aware of the people she instructs and their specific needs and does everything she can to accommodate their personal learning styles and goals throughout the class. She provides a fun, positive and non-intimidating learning environment which allows for everyone to really be able to absorb and learn the various skills and techniques she teaches. I learned new skills and techniques like proper cornering and riding up curbs lol, and gained so much confidence about my riding ability that now I am ready to take my mountain biking to new levels and trails, thanks to Erica! I am very much looking forward to the next clinic I can take with Erica and the many more clinics and lessons that will follow! Erica, thank you for a great and amazing Saturday! You are definitely a great instructor and person and your passion for teaching as well as building and inspiring confidence in those you teach is so evident by and in everything that you do and say. Thanks again and I'm excited for a private lesson with you, clinic #2 etc!!! I'm a customer for life!" Cody R. (8/6/17)

“Thanks again for a truly wonderful morning! You are a great teacher - so patient, knowledgeable, encouraging, kind and fun!! I really appreciate all your advice and willingness to make the drive, especially on a super hot day.” Lisa H., (8/1/17)

"Thank you for a GREAT lesson.  I feel I have renewed confidence based on my new toolbox of skills!  You are an excellent coach.  I should know ;)" Kristen (6/24/2017)

"First and foremost, thank you again for the clinic yesterday! You and Lynda are absolutely amazing! I learned so much and appreciate that it built upon the skills you taught previously. I ride with confidence, flow, and have fun but most importantly, I ride more safely with the knowledge from your clinics and understand my better boundaries but most importantly, I know what I am capable of achieving. Women In the Mountains is top notch and highly recommended for any ladies, any age, who want to take the MTB skills to the next level.   P.S. It was awesome to ride behind you and watch your technique and lines. I think that's a powerful training tool in-and-of itself since I'm a visual see-then-do learner."     Dee B. (6/10/17)

"Thanks again for a wonderful day. I thought the two of you together did an awesome job and will certainly let others know what a great resource we have in Utah. Got a few new thoughts on skills. It was great to see such a high level competitor/pro who is also a very good coach. That combination doesn’t always exist." Jo G. (6/10/17)

"Trying to relearn how to ride a mtn. bike so yesterday got to participate in a terrific clinic by Erica Tingey and Lynda Wallenfels. I learned so much from them, they are amazing coaches. Now I just have to spend time on the bike to see if I can incorporate all they taught me. They do such an amazing job working with each individual wherever their skill level is. Thanks for the encouragement and positive reinforcement. " Kai R. (6/10/17)

"We rode the day after your clinic and my riding felt a lot smoother already" Susi M. (6/10/17)

"I already have more confidence after learning the new skills from the Women in the Mountain clinic.  I think the most beneficial skills for me was proper body positioning, manuals, and learning to start on an incline.  Oh, and I'm very excited to practice and master my wheelie! Overall, I had a great time and you all are great coaches!  Thanks so much! " Nancy H. (5/13/17)

"HUGE shout out to Women in the Mountains, LW Coaching and Erica Tingey Pro Rider !! LOVE ❤️ these ladies! Cannot thank them enough for the WEALTH of skills taught...priceless my friends." Charity N. (5/13/17)

"Erica and Lynda are a great pair!  Both bring their years of cycling experience, love for the outdoors, and enthusiastic support for women in a way that leaves you feeling excited and empowered.  The clinic was a great!  It provides tools to work on efficiency in a safe and fun way.  Anyone interested in becoming a better mountain biker should strongly consider attending. " Natasha R. (1/23/17)

"This clinic was a perfect intro into the sport of mountain biking. Starting on flat, paved ground was such a relief and a perfect way to learn technical skills in a relatively risk-free environment. Everything was so thought out for the clinic - from the emails describing the day to the skill development to the emphasis on the mental side of biking (and life). I loved having multiple coaches on site to get more one-on-one instruction as well as multiple perspectives on different skills. Having only been mountain biking one other time, the clinic was exactly what I needed, with the perfect amount of information, encouragement and enthusiasm. I took the clinic with a friend and we went out biking the next couple days after the clinic and we couldn't believe how much we were able to use all the skills we learned! We were even able to encourage each other and give feedback based off what we learned in the clinic. Even more than all of this, I loved Erica's emphasis on a positive mindset and focusing on what is ahead of you, not the obstacles directly in front. I learned so much about mountain biking, but more importantly I got a much needed mental shift in my attitude towards life. Seriously, I cannot say enough about how this clinic was so helpful and encouraging. I am now absolutely stoked to continue learning and honing my skills at mountain biking!"  Lindsay M. (1/23/17)

"Two days after the clinic, I hit the trails and shocked my husband with what I was able to do and the total lack of fear with which I was able to do them. I didn't hesitate when I came to a rocky descent or a steep uphill climb because I knew exactly what to do to ride either one. The list of skills taught is short, but once you're on the trail, you have everything you need. I'm a completely different rider than I was before!" Kim L. (1/23/17)

"I've always been just a casual rider, just riding on the paved trails around town, but recently I've wanted to do more, specifically learn to mountain bike. I didn't know where to start and certainly did not have the confidence.  Women in the mountains  MTB clinic popped up on one of my social media feeds and I thought to myself, this is just what I need and I signed up!, It was perfect!  I learned so much about riding and myself...Yes I did go down that hill!  It was small but I did it!  I can't wait to get a real MTB and practice what I learned.  Thanks again to Erica, Lynda and Lisa for your patience with me. " Pam S. (1/23/17)

"Thank you so much for the incredible clinic and for sharing your knowledge with us! I'm excited to implement and improve upon the skills I learned as I hope to take MTB to the highest levels possible for me - but hope to attend more of your skill camps as I know I've only scratched the surface. Happy riding and keep dominating your racing careers!" Dee (11/19/16)

"Thank you so much for all that you do to get more women on bikes. Mountain biking has been a lifeline for me during the last couple of years and the skills that I've learned from both of you have really helped me get more enjoyment out of my time on the trails. " C (11/19/16)

"Awesome Clinic!  Would definitely do again.  Learned useful skills that with lots of practice will make me a better (and safer) rider"  DN (11/12/16)

"What an amazing experience!  Excellent information to really help improve mountain bike skills!  I would highly recommend any woman who is interested in , or already enjoys, mountain biking to take this clinic.  Thank you Erica and Lynda you two are amazing" Brookanne (11/12/16)

"Erica, I absolutely loved everything about the class. Not just bike skills, but attitude skills to go along with it. I learned so much and I am really excited to apply it all to my love of mountain biking. From proper position, placement of weight, to pedal and coaster wheelies and drops. I cannot say enough good about it. My only wish is that I could record it and watch it all over again. Thank you so much!" Virginia (11/12/16)

"You're awesome and your clinic was an absolute blast.  You and Lynda did an amazing job. I'm super excited to take the skills leaned and apply them on the dirt.  Thank you, thank you!!!" Shirley (11/12/16)

"Loved the clinic! For me, it took a week of practicing the "cues" that were taught, specifically to bend elbows, lower chest, butt out and push your weight through the bottom bracket. This has helped my confidence immensely while descending and made the downhill actually fun and not scary!" Carrie (8/6/16)

"Erica, you really are wonderful. It was a great day on the bike sessioning with a bunch of sanguine women! Thank you is not enough!" Moonbeam (8/6/16)

"Erica, thanks for such a great skills clinic. I love your teaching style it really fit me. You always explained the why behind the what and gave a great demonstration. I am totally excited to take all the skills you taught me and apply them. You had me doing things I thought I could not do. I now have more confidence.  Best of all you were very personable and sincerely interested in helping me to be the best I can be. I would recommend you to anyone". Kelly (8/1/16)

"Thanks for an awesome day. Lots of valuable info, tips, drills to build and update the skills! " Susi (6/10/16)