Glide SUP Executive Team, session 2

The executive team from @glideSUP returned for their second session of the season. They had time to practice the skills they learned in June all summer and they even upgraded their bikes! We warmed up with berms, then rolled over some rocks and wooden features and finished in the twilight with a tight switchback and then pedal wheelies in the parking lot. So stoked for this crew to keep progressing as a group of friends and co-workers!


Weekday Cornering clinic, Session 2

This session was the second in our cornering clinic series. Two of the women bought new bikes between sessions, that is how inspired they are feeling to ride and get their skills dialed in! This week, we added tighter corners drills so they are prepared to ride corners, berms, switchbacks, anything! We took it to a different trail than our last session to work on vision and body position. Each of these riders is stoked to practice their new skills and come back for another clinic in the spring!


Wasatch Road and trail retreat, day 4

Last day of our retreat was another #bestdayever. We couldn’t get over the views and the single track, next level beauty! So many more photos to share, stay tuned this week!

@cathy_kendall was so stoked to get a flat so she could learn how to repair it! When you start to love what is in front of you, aka: reality, life gets super fun!#lovingwhatis #flatsarefun

MTB Chuck Norris

Such an energetic private session with bike ninja @savahnnacunningham earlier this week! Savahnna took one of our group clinics in August and has been practicing ever since. She was ready for a private session to take her skills up a notch.  She is preparing to race her first Enduro in the spring and wanted specific feedback on cornering faster (which involves lot of moving pieces). Savahnna WILL have lots of success as a rider, swipe all the way to the last photos to see she is MTB Chuck Norris!

Wasatch Road and Trail, Day 4 part 2

The other part of our retreat rode through stunning trees yesterday with @coachklane! They were stoked to have more coaching opportunities and practice on the corners. Each of them finished the ride with smiles and eager to go practice their new skills ASAP! Our trails are in perfect condition right now and we just can’t get enough!!!

Wasatch Road and Trail Retreat, Day 3

Every day of this retreat feels like “best day ever”!!! We had phenomenal views, weather and riding today! Truly couldn’t have asked for a better day! Love all of these women and the fun we are having!

Wasatch Road and Trail Retreat, Day 2

Yesterday may have started with some snow and rain, that didn’t stop us! The moment there was a break in storms we got on our bikes! We split into 2 groups and utilized every moment of dry weather and one of groups even kept going in the hail (mainly because they had to get back down!). Soaked in rain, hail and a wee bit of mud and still SMILING!!! Day 1 of our retreat with @wasatchroadandtrail & @heidenortho was a great success!


Early morning private session with Becky. We worked on getting her into a slightly lower ready position and looking through the turns. She is going to practice this week and come back next week to work on switchbacks!


Mary is an avid road biker and is looking to take all of her fitness and learn some skills in the dirt.

Coach Shelly worked with her to separate her body from the bike, especially in the corners.  Mary recently added  a dropper post to her bike at that REALLY helped her make those tight turns!   

Many road cyclists like to ride with a very narrow stance (gripping the saddle with their thighs). The biggest shift we can add for them on a mountain bike is the wider stance, which allows the bike to do all the work under them and they stay loose and relaxed above the bike.  

Jill & Blyth

Between the two women on the right, they have 20+ grandchildren! How incredible is that?! They frequently run into some of the grandkids on the trails. They’ll be riding along and hear “Hi Grandma”! How cool is that? These two clients have been riding for many years and knew they had some skills to improve. They also want to be sure they stay safe on the trails because it’s not quite as fun to get hurt as the years go by. They both finished the session feeling like that had many more tools to rely on for safety AND fun! Their second session is later this week after they’ve had a chance to practice.

Women of Adobe session #2

Adobe Women session #2: we saw a HUGE improvement during the second session. These women were riding corners with so much confidence and ease. A couple of them started out with very little experience and we were so impressed with their bravery and willingness to try new skills in the dirt! Coaches @wedgeshelly and @ericatingey sincerely had a blast with this crew and can’t wait to see where they take their new skills! @adobe @adobecycling

Dianne and Jay

Diane and Jay came out for the second session of their dynamic riding sequence, and we saw some great improvement from both of them! Coach @vsolomon36 dialed in their wheel lifts, drops, and cornering. This happy couple wanted to work on the smaller wood drops so they can work up to larger rock drops. Virginia is getting them dialed in on smaller drops in preparation to hit the rocks when they feel ready. As a couple, Diane and Jay are determined to get over the mental hurdle they have around riding rocky drops (and we believe in them!) Their real break through came in cornering. Virginia worked with them on bike body separation with their low/look/lean, remembering that great riders look with shoulders and hips not just eyes.

After some cornering drills in the parking lot, they hit the trails and were so excited with their cornering improvement! Coach and students had a blast!



“Recomendado 100%⁣⁣

⁣⁣Una experiencia increíble!!!⁣⁣

Aprendi  tanto en pocas horas, las coaches súper lindas pude aprender y mejorar mis habilidades, me hicieron sentir confiada en la montaña a la vez tuve retos que gracias a la ayuda de las coaches pude lograr, y también la convivencia con las compañeras estuvo súper bien.⁣⁣

La verdad vale la pena probar.⁣⁣

Gracias a todas⁣”

⁣Mari S ⁣


Find full translation below, but first we must tell you how cool it was to have Mari at our clinic on Saturday! She has 5 children and works full time. She decided it was time to do something for herself and learn how to ride mountain bikes. She was very coachable and fun to be around. She wants to inspire other Spanish speaking women in Park City to try mountain biking as well! We even have a coach that speaks Spanish and would love to connect with everyone in our community!⁣

⁣”Recommended 100 %⁣⁣

An amazing experience!!!⁣⁣

I learned so much in just a few hours. Super cute coaches - I learned and improved my skills, they made me feel confident on the bike and at the same time I had challenges that thanks to the help of the coaches I could overcome. Also, the connection with the other participants was super good.⁣⁣

The truth is, it was worth trying!⁣⁣

⁣⁣Thanks to all⁣”

Mari S

Thank YOU Mari! We absolutely loved having you there, can’t wait to see where your riding takes you!


Women of Adobe

Women of Adobe unite! This is our 4th season working with @adobe employees and we are having a blast. This group was really excited to build foundational skills to keep them safe on the trails. We worked on switchbacks and going over rocks. Next week it’s berms!

Final 2019 group clinic in Park City

Yesterday we had our final Saturday clinic in Park City and it was a most excellent day! Each of the coaches worked with a group of women they sincerely enjoyed and saw improvements in every single rider! Stay tuned to hear more of their stories this week!


On Saturday we had a wide range of skill levels, so each group rode a slightly different trail. Each of these smiles tells you how much they enjoyed using their skills! The 4 coaches had a blast with this group.⁣


Kelly is a former mountain bike racer and Masters National Champion. She was looking to regain some skills and confidence after a non-biking injury. She wanted to ride smoother, faster corners and to ride drops again. Coach Shelly spent time really dialing in her ability to lean the bike and rotate her hips to maintain speed in the corners. In addition, they worked on maintaining balance over the bike, when the tires leave the ground. It is inspiring to see her commitment to push through physical and me rail barriers to continue to enjoy biking!


Jennifer returned for her second private session with @ericatingey and made huge strides with her riding! After taking a few weeks to practice and let the skills sink in, she wanted to review, then improve her riding on this trail. She absolutely did! You can see her huge smile after succeeding! Really rewarding for a coach to watch a student make awesome progress!⁣

We still have another month of riding, book your private session at

Backcountry Friends

Talk about huge improvements! These 3 stepped up their skills in a big way! Hillary came to the @backcountry last year and knew there were things she still wanted to work on. We improved her body position in the berms as well as line choice. Cassie has been riding for a little over a year and had never been coached. She picked up the skills immediately and looked super smooth by the last run. Carrie was an absolute beginner on her brand new bike! She was willing to try anything and was a very coachable, she followed all the cues she was given. They all had a great time and are ready to try new things on the trails!

Angie & Lexie

These sisters rocked the bike park yesterday! Angie and Lexie attended clinics with us in 2018. This summer, they were looking to increase their skills on more technical terrain including drops and jumps.  Coach Shelly built on what they already knew and got them riding at a whole new level. They were both really excited when they started riding through all the large rock gardens and sending some big air off the drops.  They even learned to ride the pump track! Super stoked to have our clients continue to excel at their riding!


Leadville finishers

Massive congrats to our clients and coach that finished The Leadville 100 last weekend! What an incredible accomplishment!