Coach Shelly in the New York Times

Our coach Shelly Wedge was in the New York doing snow yoga! She is amazing year round! If you’re looking to improve your resort skiing, call @altaskiarea for lessons with Shelly or @pcski for lessons with our coach Kristen Lane!

Lisa, an avid and quick learner

Time for a shout out! Lisa is new to mountain biking, she showed up to with a smile and great attitude to 2 clinics in September and here’s how it went: Repost from @gymtree - after 12 hrs of @womeninthemountains mtn biking clinics, so tired. So unbelievably fun. I wish everyone could go learn the techniques properly from pro racers and best trained coaches. YouTube videos and friends’ advice don’t compare to this one-on-one coaching and critiquing from the best. The coaches are the happiest people and excited about everything we work on. I learned and improved so much today. Extremely glad to learn the proper positioning and techniques.Best to learn some skills in a controlled setup first vs taking a shot at it coming down the mtn. Don’t miss out on this opportunity...and let’s go ride together @womeninthemountains @ericatingeyprorider 

 (Lisa is a surgical assistant in Utah County, raising 5 children and loves to be active outdoors with them as much as possible.She started mountain biking more with her sons and was excited to learn more so she can have the best time out on the mountain with her kids and bikes.)


Huge thanks to Jamis Bikes for supporting me (Erica Tingey) for the 7th year in a row! Together we are working to get more women on bikes each year! Their support of Women in the Mountains means we get to host more retreats and offer more demo bikes in 2019. Many thanks for supporting my professional racing career and now my mountain bike skill company. 2019 is going to be our best year yet!

Read the press release on Bicycle Retailer and below:

November 20, 2018 - Northvale, New Jersey : Erica Tingey has been passionate about mountain bikes for over a decade. She started out racing locally and quickly progressed to the professional ranks on the national and international level. After five years racing for the Jamis Factory team, she was eager to find an outlet to share her love of mountain bike riding while encouraging women from all walks of life to deepen their own love for the sport while honing their skills.

During a conversation with Jamis Bikes company president Carine Joannou, the idea of hosting a women's luxury mountain bike retreat in Park City, UT was hatched. The dream became a reality with the launch of Erica's, Women in the Mountains. "I've been taken with Erica's drive and passion for mountain bikes ever since she first joined the Jamis mountain bike squad. She was looking for a way to bring women together around the sport she loves and she's done a fantastic job growing Women In The Mountains." said Carine.

Women In The Mountains has grown from hosting a handful of events, to a full annual calendar with five staff members! All of the coaches are PMBIA certified (professional skills coach) and clinics are held for all riding levels around Utah, Nevada, Lake Tahoe and New Zealand. These women-focused skills clinics provide the opportunity to enhance mountain biking skills in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

For 2019, Jamis is providing demo bikes for Women in the Mountains clients who are experienced mountain bikers as well as participants who are just making their way into the sport. The partnership between Women in the Mountains and Jamis Bikes has seen more women participating in cycling in a highly inclusive and inviting environment. As it states on their website, "Bring your love for bicycles, an avid appreciation for the outdoors, and a smile!"

For more information about Women In The Mountains mountain bike retreats, visit:

Women Mountain Biking in Utah, Mountain Bike Skills Park City, Mountain Bike Skills Powder Mountain

Intermediate clinic in St. George, Utah

Take a good look at this group of strong women, they were totally rock stars today in our intermediate clinic! They were supportive of each other and responsive to coaching, that combination made for total success. 


We developed the skills in our intermediate riders to ride this natural drop. In order to ride it smoothly, you have to carry your speed through uneven terrain and really spot your landing. They were all up for the challenge and they executed it perfectly! 

Beginner clinic in the desert

What a fabulous day in the desert with this group! Watching them progress from the beginning of the day to the end was astounding. Some of them had never ridden a mountain bike and by the end of the day they were taking on rocks and demanding terrain. So rewarding for the coaches!


Watching these women ride up and down everything yesterday was incredible! They challenged themselves in new ways and were rewarded with the feeling of accomplishment! 

Smiles and friendships all around!  

Private session in the desert

Awesome private session with this mama of 5! Her last child was recently born and she is ready to take on a new sport that she can do with her entire family. We covered all of the basics so she can start to gain confidence on the dirt!


Chilly semi-private session

DThese women booked a session when we thought it was going to be warm....instead, it was a blustery 40° which called for down jackets! Kate is headed to St. George to ride with friends this weekend and she hasn’t ridden a mountain bike in many years (and never ridden a modern mountain bike). She wanted some coaching to be prepared to ride the rocks and sand that the desert offers. After a couple of hours she was surprised at how much there was to learn and now she feels more prepared to ride desert singletrack! Nora is a repeat client (thanks for referring your friend and supporting her in this semi-private). She has dialed in her skills and now she works to ride smoother every time. Her riding is beautiful and effortless (probably because of her great coaching!). Way to brave the elements today friends, we were the only riders out there.


Backcountry Executive Team


We had the honor of working with the @backcountry executive team today! What an incredible group of humans. They perform so well in every area of their lives, including on their bikes! Every one of them gained new skills and insight to bike handling.

Stay tuned for more details and rad riding photos.

Vermont Couple

Couples goals right here! Tiffany and Paul are visiting from Vermont and both wanted to increase their skills. They both have many years of riding experience and had never taken a lesson from a certified instructor. Within the first 10 minutes they said “I had no idea I could that! I didn’t know my bike could do that!” That continued for another 3 hours:) They were floored by how much they learned and can’t wait to take their skills to The Crest today!


Fall Intro Series

Our fall intro series had so many breakthrough moments over the last 3 weeks! They found the ability to push through perceptions of what their bikes can do by learning to literally jump with their bikes, while staying centered AND mentally composed.Kaylee’s response was that she never realized she could be so active on the bike.She was lifting her front wheel over obstacles that, before the session she would stop and walk over... Success! Erika had the chance to practice between sessions and was thrilled with what she learned over the course of these last weeks! Thanks to coach Kristen for guiding these women to a whole new world of mountain biking!




Intermediate Clinic in Park City


Saturday we had women riding drops, berms and tight switchbacks for the intermediate clinic! Plus, we had all the fun🎉

3 of these women were @backcountry employees. They bring a fun dynamic to our group!


Second session for more pressure control

Meet Melissa, business owner, mother of 4 and avid mountain biker! This was her second private session this year and she was wanting to get dynamic on her bike! Pump tracks and manualing up and downobstacles were her goals. She absolutely succeeded in both! She is going to practice on her local pump track in Heber so she can keep up with (then outride:) her kids and husband!


Olympian Sailor

This is Francesca, a 2 time Olympian sailor. This Italian woman’s natural athleticism is truly astounding. She rode a mountain bike for the first time when she came to our beginner clinic in July, right after sailing around the world (yes, the entire WORLD!). She has ridden a mountain bike less than 8 times since then (because she has been sailing internationally). I could see her talent the instant she rode around the parking lot in July, she literally did a small manual without anyone demonstrating or telling her to, she just rode up to the curb and manualed up! Now, within 8 rides, she was ready to get air. She returned for a private session last week and learned more advanced skills! Since the lesson she went for a ride and said the following: “Saturday I went to Deer Valley to ride lifts for downhill practice, drops and little jumps!Big fun and lot of learning from the lesson with you! Thank you again for the tips!!!:)” @francescaclapcich


Beginner Clinic in Park City

Friday’s Beginner Clinic has women ready to rock and roll! Coach @wedgeshelly had them ride rock gardens and rollers. So cool to watch them progress from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. They are now ready to take on all of Round Valley now!

Dr. Jennifer Allen, owner of Portica Cosmetic

Really great private session with Dr. Jennifer Allen, the owner of @porticacosmetic! She came to our desert clinic in May and wanted to review some of her cornering skills. The improvements she made today were incredible! Corners have been challenging her and after building a few skills, she was confidently taking corners at speed. Not only can she ride her bike really well, @jenallen1025 was an attending physician at the Mayo Clinic for 10 years before returning to Utah and opening her own practice. She is a mother of 4 and such a wonderful and generous person to be around!


Introduction to Mountain Biking final session

Our summertime “intro” series concluded with a great ride, putting all the new skills into place. These new riders rode a couple of rock gardens that seemed visually daunting. Everyone was psyched on the progress over the 4 week time span!



Beginner 2.0, session #2

Our beginner 2.0 series met last night for a breakthrough session! They worked on tight switchbacks and bike/body separation then took it to the trails. All 3 women did an awesome job on the uphill switch backs and even rode the large rock formation on Happy Gilmore! (Check out the last picture to see coach Shelly’s cheering arms🙌🏻!) 


Lake Tahoe Intermediate Clinic


Our intermediate clinic in Lake Tahoe yesterday was RAD! Nothing like working on mountain bike skills with a cohesive group of women under massive pine trees that smell like heaven. Stay tuned for photos of these women giving it their all and succeeding!

Coach: @ericatingeyprorider. Thanks to @flumetrailbikes for hosting us and helping spread the word about @womeninthemountains!


Pedal wheelie time! This group of women in Lake Tahoe really nailed this skill and used it to ride up and over roots. We also spent time working on tight switchbacks in the soft pine needles. Riding in a safe environment without extra obstacles makes learning these new skills really easy!



How about some air?! We did that as well last weekend🙌

Family session in Carson City, Nevada

This cute family loves to ride together on the trails in their backyard in Carson City. The children ride with the local NICA team and the parents want to keep up! We worked on skills at the trailhead then rode up the mountain to the beautiful landscape in Ash Canyon! Their trails have some challenging rocks to go up and down. That evening, every person in the family rode something they hadn't ridden before! So fun to see them support each other in their successes. The most exciting part of the evening was when Carly rode the "rock shoot" that has been eluding her all summer. Seeing her ride it smoothly and confidently was so exhilarating for all of us! This mother of 5 that has only ridden for a year is now ready to take on so much more in her riding! Go Carly!