Spring Refresher Course in Park City

We met on Friday night for a bike check and mobility session. Beginning with bikes, Christine set up suspension, seat heights and brake lever positioning, all of which will improve the comfort, safety and fun factor of the riders!

Then Kristen assed our ankle, hip, and thoracic spine for functional mobility and joint range of motion.  Using yoga mats we did a short movement session to stretch and engage muscles to gain greater range of motion in our joints. We were  surprised to discover how cycling, and every-day activities such as using a mobile devices, and driving vehicles is changing the mobility of our bodies and learned new movements to combat the stiffness and poor posture created by these activities. 

Saturday morning, we got straight on our bikes. First Erica dialed in everyone’s body positions for descending. Then we moved into cornering and pressure control (front and rear wheel lifts). After a quick lunch break we headed to the trail to put everything to action on the dirt!

We had a wide range of participants from a new rider to a cyclocross racer. Everyone rode away with a big smile and far more confidence in their riding than they started the day with!

Awesome reviews from this weekend's clinic and sound like this:

"It transformed my riding, my confidence and attitude towards this challenging sport. @ericatingeyprorider thank you for an incredible day! I put my skills to the test today and never felt better. This love/hate relationship (with mountain biking) is headed to love/love in no time!"(Gretchen)

"Feeling very confident in my  riding and looking forward to a great summer of riding!" (Kim)

"There's a good chance this might have to be my new sport. Thank you Erica for teaching me so much this weekend! (Ann T.)