Emily and Jim Day 1

This couple was stoked to get some air with coach @vsolomon36 last week! Emily has taken a couple of clinics with us and she was ready to learn jumps and drops. Along with her husband, they were very successful. Here is a full account of the lesson:

They did the parking lot progression with ready position, then compressing the bike evenly, and moving into front wheel lifts, rear wheel lifts, successive front and rear wheel lifts, and level lifts. They got that all super quick, adjusting to a centered instead of back ready position so they could compress their bike evenly, and then getting their wheels off of the ground from a compress and release rather than a pull. 

Then they moved up to the wood features in the park, and worked on roll downs and then the low and push drop technique, but Virginia emphasized with them that that is just an option and a step in learning the different facets of doing drops, and we'd add the compress once the timing and form of just the push was dialed. 

They moved onto the middle rock in the drop zone and did some more low and push drops before adding the compression, making sure timing was spot on, they pushed out rather than coming up after their compress, and recentering to ride out the landing. 

Then they moved on to jumps, working first on the timing of our compress and extend on the right hand jump line, then going into the pump track so they could feel the timing and full extension better, then back to the jump line to work more on timing and extension and once they had that adding in absorbing the bike and recentering and actively landing instead of just falling out of the air with their bikes. They got it, and with a bit more speed were clearing the first two jumps of the jump line, and landing well!