Notes from our Bike Maintenance clinic at Contender!

Hard time going up the cassette cable tension is too loose

Hard time going down the cassette it’s too tight

Turn bars 90 degrees so the front end is facing non-drive side

Turn barrel towards direction it’s having a hard time with 1/2 turn at a time.

Jumping while shifting its cable tension

Jumping while sitting there, it’s the chain wear

Shift into easiest gear. Then when shifting down the cassette, if it's struggling on the way down, it could be corroded wire and housing. It can also be that a wire or housing has a weird bend that is causing excess friction.

On both a front and rear derailleur, there are two screws (often marked with an "L" for low, and "H" for high) that limit how far in each direction the derailleur swings. The L (low) screw should be screwed in just enough to not let the derailleur move the chain past the low end of the cog range, and the H (high) screw should prevent the chain from shifting past the highest gear available. This way, your chain doesn't shift into the wheel, or get stuck between your cassette and the frame.

Beginner Clinic

Our Beginner clinic was a fun mix of beginners who are advancing their skills via coaching and slightly more experienced riders who had never received coaching.

Coach Shelly and Kristen were able to find ways to challenge each rider in a targeted way that lead to everyone feeling very much aware of their individual progress. They all finished the day stoked about riding and plan to practice these new skills and come back for the Beginner 2.0 series!


Cornering Clinic

We took today’s cornering clinic on an epic ride that started at the top of the Park City and went all the way down! We encountered all sizes of corners and the variety dialed in all the skills we worked on this morning. Such a great group of women and the views were unbeatable!


Beautiful day for our cornering clinic here in Park City. We have an incredible ride planned for this afternoon, headed up the mountain now!


Contender Bike Maintenance Clinic


Thanks to Contender Bicycles for hosting a free Bike Maintenance Clinic the other night. Our next one is August 27th, mark your calendars!

Everyone had hands on practice with taking a tire on and off a wheel and putting in a tube. They each walked away with more confidence in changing a flat! The Chicks Company gave everyone socks, Contender gave everyone a multi-tool and Women in the Mountains gave everyone Stan's No Tubes sealant sample.


Introductory Series

Jeny completed our Introductory Series this week with so many new skills to take to the trail!

Her biggest take away from the experience, besides the tools the class gave her to manage obstacles and enjoy the riding, was the fact she was able to carve out three evenings away from her busy work life to focus on herself and something she enjoys. We love supporting women in pursuing their passions!


Beginner 2.0

This week was the conclusion of the Beginner 2.0 program - our newest offering designed to target the advancement of introductory skills, or the entry into true intermediate riding.  It was time to put all the work together and challenge the riders to face larger obstacles, steeper roll downs, and even small roll-down drops.  It was a pleasure to lead these ladies through three sessions of fun and challenging riding. Coach Shelly and Kristen were delighted with their progress. 



Emily is an ultra marathon runner who is embracing mountain biking.  After a year of riding Park City on a great bike, she decided to invest in coaching to address issues with confidence in the corners.  Coach Kristen worked to break down the role that forward-looking vision, in conjunction with a confident mindset plays in cornering success. Emily is returning for another private session next week after she has had time to build the skills Kristen taught her!



Free Bike Maintenance Clinic

Come to Park City this Monday, August 13th, and Monday, August 27th from 6-7 PM to learn basic bike maintenance skills from Contender mechanics and Erica Tingey of Women in the Mountains, all in the open environment of our Park City service area. Everyone and anyone is welcome to join to learn essential bike repair and show your bike the love it deserves. The Chicks Company will also have a pop-up shop featuring a range of women’s cycling apparel and locally roasted coffee.


Ely, Nevada Intermediate Clinic

Yesterday was the intermediate clinic in Ely, Nevada and this group was ready for it all! In fact, they decided to work straight through lunch so they could keep up the progress. They mastered new maneuvers, went off the ramp and then rode a challenging trail. At the end of the day they said it was one of the most rewarding days on the bike they had ever had. They learned far more than they ever expected to! We love building the riding confidence of women in the mountains!


Carrie and Christine

Carrie recently moved to Park City and wanted to transition her road biking skills to the trails. Coach @christinedern reviewed all the basic mechanics of mountain bike movement so she would have a strong foundation to build from. The highlight of the evening for Carrie was learning front wheel lifts, to which her response was “this is fun!!” Christine was impressed with how well Carrie managed these new skills in the dirt, always with a lot of focus and a smile. Carrie’s review of the session was “Christine was amazing, she’s a great teacher and a lot of fun too. I’ll practice more on the trails then do more sessions with you... thanks!”


Cammie in 2018

Cammie is a strong and talented athlete that returned for another private session this summer. Last year, she learned to ride drops and wooden features with @ericatingeyprorider and now she’ll ride over or off anything! This year she wanted to increase her speed in the corners. Keep in mind, she is already a very skilled rider. At this point we are fine tuning small details that add up to big gains in speed and efficiency.It’s a pleasure to work with repeat clients, taking their riding to the next level! Her review of yesterday’s session: “You. Are. The. Best. Again, you have given me a lot to think about, and lots to work on.Thanks for being so positive and encouraging.You are a true teacher - not everyone who coaches can say that. Thank you so much!!”



Intro Series: Session 2


Day 2 of the Intro series with @coachklane: students Jeny and Erica reported improved riding over the two week break. Tonight we dissected high speed cornering for trails with berms. After breaking down the essential movements and bike controls necessary to corner well, they rode several laps on the same trail, progressing the challenge with each descent. On the final lap it was all smiles as both students reported their best performance! There is still much more to learn, we will continue to challenge them in the third and final session of the series in 2 more weeks!


Adobe Session #3

Last night we had the 3rd and final session of the @adobe clinics. Since we split into two groups, they each deserve their own posts! Shelly worked with the women that had little to no experience on their bikes and the improvement was dramatic! On the first night there were so many hesitations from each of them and last night there was so much excitement, story telling and huge smiles at the end of the night! These 4 were rolling over and off of things they never thought possible. They also took a few spills with grace! They are true mountain bikers now, ready for any challenge the trail presents them!


Women of @adobe (part 2). The third session with the intermediate group had them FLYING!These women are tough as nails and brave as Wonder Woman! They each improved greatly, including a few that had never had their tires leave the ground before. They were so surprised by how easy it felt after building all the foundational skills. We had a blast getting to know this group over the past 3 weeks. New friends for life!



Beginner 2.0, session 2

Tonight coaches Shelly and @coachklane added to the challenge for our Beginner 2.0 students. They introduced front, rear, and simultaneous wheel lifts as well as slow speed ratcheting. All of these maneuvers actually can provide a great way to advance your riding. Skills were followed by a ride down the brand new flow trail in Round Valley - Pulp Friction. Everyone is taking more aggressive lines and realizing they are now better riders!