Race Results: 2010-2017


6 Hours of Frog Hollow (2nd)

Cactus Hugger (ICUP): 1st
Sea Otter Classic: 44th

Weekly Race Series at Coyote Canyon: 2nd

Sundance Showdown Super-D: 2nd
Soldier Hollow (ICUP) 6th

Weekly race series Biathlon at Soldier Hollow: 1st

Northstar Enduro: 4th

Angel Fire ProXCT (Chile Challenge): 14th
Masters State RR: No result, all results were nullified due to poor course markings
National Championships: 13th

Windham ProXCT

Deer Valley Enduro


National Championships Enduro: 9th
Masters World Championships (Road) Time Trial: 4th
Utah State Championship (Road) crit: 7th

USCUP/ProXCT #1 Mellow Johnny's: 9th
USCUP/ProXCT #2 Bonelli Park XC: 27th
USCUP/ProXCT #2 Bonelli Park STXC: 14th
USCUP/ProXCT #3 Fontana XC: 28th
USCUP/ProXCT #3 Fontana STXC: 24th

Cactus Hugger/ICUP Race #2: 2nd


Sea Otter STXC: 14th

Sea Otter XC: 12th
Whiskey 50 Fat Tire Crit: 9th
Whiskey 50: 12th
Nove Mesto World Cup (Czech Republic): 78th
Albstadt World Cup (Germany): 72nd

ProXCT #4 Missoula: 14th

Desert Scorpion/ICUP Race: 1st
USCUP/ProXCT #4 XC Colorado Springs: 24th

USCUP/ProXCT #4 STXC Colorado Springs: 16th
Snowbird/ICUP: 1st
ProXCT/Catamount Classic: 22nd
Windham World Cup: 48th
Masters National Championship TT 35-39: 1st
Masters National Championship Road Race 35-39: 1st


ProXCT Series Overall (3rd)

ProXCT #1 Mellow Johnny's (8th)

ProXCT #2 Bonelli Park XC (8th)
USCUP Super D at Bonelli Park (5th)
USCUP STXC at Bonelli Park (7th)
ProXCT #3 Fontana XC (5th)
USCUP Super D at Fontana (11th)
USCUP STXC at Fontana (7th)
ICUP #2 Cactus Hugger (1st)


ProXCT #4 Sea Otter STXC (17th)

ProXCT #4 Sea Otter XC (16th)
Whiskey 50 Fat Tire Crit (6th)
Whiskey 50 (7th)

ICUP #4 Call to Sundance (1st)

Mid-Week Race #2 (2nd)

Mid-Week Race #3 (2nd)
ProXCT #5 Bump N' Grind STCX (2nd)

ProXCT #5 Bump N' Grind XC (3rd)
GoPro Mountain Games XC (5th)
GoPro Mountain Games Road TT (3rd)
ProXCT #6 Missoula XC (23rd)
ProXCT #6 Missoula STXC (3rd)
ProXCT #7 Windham US National MTB Race (4th)
ProXCT #8 Subaru Cup (16th)
ProXCT #8 Subaru Cup (15th)

National Championships XC (14th)
National Championships STXC (16th)
ProXCT #9 Catamount Classic XC (15th)
ProXCT #9 Catamount Classic STXC (13th)
World Cup XCO Mont-Sainte-Anne (37th)

Iceman Cometh (6th, Pro)
6 Hours in Frog Hollow (2nd, duo-coed)
Mt. Charleston Hill Climb Road Race (1st overall Cat 1-4)
Tara Llanes Classic XC (1st, Pro)
Park City Point to Point (8th, Pro)
Mt. Ogden 50 K (1st, Pro/expert)
Mid-Week Race #10 (2nd, Pro/expert)


Mid-Week Race #4 (1st, Pro/expert)

Utah State Championship-Pedalfest (1st, Pro)
Mid-Week Race #3 (2nd, Pro/expert)
ICUP #6 Stan Crane Memorial (1st, Pro)
Mid-Week Race #2 (1st, Pro/expert)
ICUP #5 Hammerfest at the Hollow (1st, Pro)
ICUP #4 Sundance Spin (1st, Pro)
USCS Alpine Crit XC (1st, Pro)
Sea Otter Classic (14th, Pro)
ICUP #2 Cactus Hugger (1st, Pro)
Pro XCT #2-Bonelli Park (6th, Pro)
Pro XCT #1-Mellow Johnny's (15th, Pro)
Frozen Hog (2nd, Pro/Expert)

Iceman Cometh (9th, Pro)
Tara Llanes Classic XC (2nd, Pro)
Park City Point to Point (2nd, Pro)
Mid-Week Race #12 (1st Pro/Expert)
Mt. Ogden 50K (1st, Open)
Mid-Week Race #11 (1st, Pro/Expert)
USCS Super XC (3rd, Pro)
Mid-Week Race #10 (1st, Pro/Expert)
ICUP Race #11 @Snowbasin (4th, Pro)
Dirt Grand Prix (4th, Pro)
ICUP Race #10@Solitude (3rd, Pro)
ICUP Race #9-Bout @Dutch Hollow (1st, Pro)
Mid-Week Race #5 (1st Pro/Expert)
USCS XC @ Round Valley (2nd, Pro)
ICUP Race # 8-Wimmer's XC (1st, Pro)
Mid-Week Race # 3 (1st, Pro/Expert)
ICUP Race #7 Deer Valley (6th, Pro)
Mid-Week Race # 2 (1st, Pro/Expert)
ICUP Race #6-Stan Crane Memorial (4th, Pro)
Mid-Week Race # 1 (16th, expert men or 1st woman)
ICUP Race #5-Hammerfest (1st, Pro)
ICUP Race # 4-Sundance @ Soldier (4th, Pro)
Pro XCT-Sea Otter Classic (21st, Pro)

ICUP Race #2-Cholla Challenge (2nd, Pro)

Pro XCT-Fontana (20th, Pro)

ICUP Race #1-Red Rock Rampage (3rd, Pro)

Pro XCT-Bonelli Park (1st, Cat 1)



25 Hours Frog Hollow (1st, 4 person female team)
6 Hours in Frog Hollow (1st, Solo)
Park City Point to Point (5th, Open)
Mt. Ogden 50 K (1st, Pro)
Sundance Single Speed Challenge (2nd)
Soldier Hollow-Race #14 (2nd)
Full Throttle Mid-Week Race # 7 (1st)
Full Throttle Mid-Week Race # 6 (1st)
ICUP Race #13-The Canyons (3rd, Pro)
ICUP Race #12-Snowbasin (3rd, Pro)
ICUP Race # 11 -Solitude (5th, Pro)
ICUP Race # 10 -Snowbird (2nd, Pro)
ICUP Race #9 -Taming the Tetons (5th, Pro)
ICUP Race #8-Sherwood Hills (4th, Pro)
ICUP Race #7-Deer Valley Pedalfest (3rd, Pro)
ICUP Race #6-Stan Crane Memorial (2nd, Expert)
ICUP Race #5-Hammerfest Hollow (1st, Expert)
ICUP Race #4-Sundance Spin (2nd, Expert)
ICUP Race #3-5 Miles Pass (1st, Expert)
ICUP Race #2-Cholla Challenge (5th, Expert)
ICUP Race #1-Red Rock Rampage (1st, Sport)


Go to www.womeninthemoutnains.com for 2016 clinic details

Email at Erica@EricaTingey.com  or Erica@womeninthemountains.com for additional information.

See photos from past clinics hereherehere, here and here then read clinic reviews below. Private sessions are always available, email me at Erica@EricaTingey.com 
September 2014 Clinic reviews:

"Thank you for putting on such a great clinic last night.  I had such a great time and I learned so much.  I think the biggest thing I took away was to be more confident.  I have always had so much self doubt of my skills in cx and mtb and you helped me to believe in myself. I actually put to use the peripheral vision skills to work today.  I was doing barrier skills practice and my friend told me to look at some wheelbarrows off to my right as I jumped on the bike.  It made so much sense to me and helped make my remounts so much smoother! Thank you for the AMAZING swag bag.  It was like Christmas going through it all!  I loved the vision magazine and the feature on one of my favorite athletes, Martin Fourcade. I love the RX bars and plan to order some this week.  I meant it when I said I got a little choked up at the end of the skills session.  Had I gone to that course just a few months ago I would have jumped off of the bike and walked.  You really made me believe that I COULD do it.  Thanks for helping make a giant leap in my self confidence Erica." Kristin P.

"Loving my Julbo sunglasses whih happen to match  my new ESI grips from the clinic. I came away inspired in so many ways. If anyone wants to get better and feel safter on their mountain bike check out Eric'a next clinic...so worth it!" Mylissa G.

"I attended Erica's skills clinic and quickly learned new techniques that really are confidence builders. I was always curious about how to pick up time riding downhill. This clinic gave me the answers and I have seen real improvement. The funnest part of the clinic was realizing how a set of seemingly distinct techniques are interrelated. Riding the downhill course during the clinic - a fluid activity - allows one to seamlessly string these techniques together." Scott H.

"I wanted to thank you for such a great, informative, helpful and positive clinic you led on Friday. I immediately implemented many of the skills and tips you provided on my ride Saturday morning. I felt more confident as a rider and truly had a smile on my face during the entire ride. You rock!" Jenny W.

"Many thanks to Erica Tingey for a fantastic mountain biking clinic in Park City! As well as the amazing swag from ESI GripsStans NoTubes, and Julbo USA. Thanks so much!" Lauren B.

2014 Private Clinic Review:
"Thanks again for your help with my mountain bike skills, and thanks for showing me how to use Stans NoTubes! Certainly helped during my most recent  Xterra and will for my main Xterra race in October!" Linda M.

2013 Clinic Reviews:

"I just completed Erica Tingey's class designed for intermediate mountain bike racing. As a new mountain biker I realized there were skills I was missing to help me become stronger, efficient and a more competitive racer. She had an abundance of techniques to share, including positioning, cornering, drills, mental skills and nutrition. I have learned more from her class than I have in three years of riding independently. Her class was informational, positive, and valuable. I will definitely be attending next year's clinic. " Emily W.

"Last Friday I attended one of Erica Tingey’s mountain bike skills clinics in Park City and I just wanted to let you know that it was awesome – she is awesome! – and she represents your brand well! It was cool to chat with her about how she got her start in pro racing and learn from the best. I already feel like a faster mountain biker." Jessica M.

2012 Clinic Reviews:

"Erica's Clinics are truly world class!! She is an amazing instructor...she covers fundamental skills that will improve your riding SO much! She works with her clients on their level, and she's super encouraging and motivating. The Whole 9 presentation was very informative and I'm excited to put it to the test. And in the end the food was over the top! I would attend again in a heartbeat! World class!!! Jan H."

"A clinic with Erica is like a gift to yourself. Not only is she personable and easy to relate with, the instruction in her clinic is the gift that keeps on giving. Every ride thereafter keeps getting better, safer, and reminds us of why we love to mtb...we are constantly learning and making improvements big and small. Deborah M"

"Thanks for the great clinic! I was thrilled to learn how to get over obstacles, such as curbs, nearly effortlessly. The tips for going around curves downhill (and then practicing them) were excellent. I was very excited to find that I could ride much faster, in control, than I thought I could. And, of course, the Whole9 dinner was fabulous. I'm very inspired to try the Whole30. Stefani D." 

"I LOVED! this clinic. As someone who had no prior mountain biking experience, I was a little worried about slowing the group down. Erica did a fantastic job of working with all of our skill levels and teaching us techniques that really did make a difference. I am excited to start a new hobby! Melanie A."

"Erica's clinic was awesome! We had everyone from first time mountain bikers to experienced racers in our group and she was able to teach all of us at our level. The techniques I learned in the clinic helped me to become a much better mountain biker which has made my mountain biking adventures so much more fun. The gift bag she gave us had fabulous stuff and the food was delicious! I would recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to improve their mountain biking skills and have a great evening. Sherry C."

2016 National Championships

National Championships were great for me this year! I finished lucky #13 after giving it all that I had. I crossed the line after 5 very hot laps and promptly began to have full-body muscle cramps (see lower photo).
My equipment performed flawlessly and made me even more grateful to all of my supporters. A hearty thanks to Jamis Bicycles for their support for the 4th year and for the Dakota hard tail that was perfect for the course. My Stan's NoTubes Valors and Vittoria Mezcals were the perfect combination for the moon dust conditions Mammoth provides! 

Photo credit: PB Creative

Photo credit: Kenny When

Stan's NoTubes

Stan's NoTubes Custom wheel building program!

Did you know that with our new Custom Wheelset builder program, you can design your own wheels and then Stan's NoTubes will build them to your specifications? How it works: Build a custom front wheel or rear wheel. For each, start by selecting Crest MK3, Arch MK3 or Flow MK3 rims in your preferred wheel size. Then pick your hub, axle type, spokes and the colors of your nipples and decals.
Click on the link above for more details!


My fleet as of June 2016!
DEFCON, DAKOTA, DAKAR AMT, 2016 Team Zenith, Zenith TT, 2012 Zentih, Dirt jumper, DAKAR XCR

2013 BIKES
Jamis Dakar XCR D29 Team
Stan's No Tubes Valors (for racing)
Stan's No Tubes Crests (for training)
Geax Tires (Either the Saguaro or Mezcal)
WTB Valcon 
ESI custom race grips
SRAM - drivetrain- xx1 (32 t chainring), 175 cranks, trigger shifters
Avid -xx brakes 
Rock ShoxReverb Stealth dropper post
Sid XX World Cup fork 120 mm
Ritchey - WCS Carbon Trail BarWCS Trail Stem 80MM 

Jamis Dakota D29 Team

Stan's No Tubes Race Golds (for racing)
Stan's No Tubes Crests (for training)
Geax Tires (Either the Saguaro or Mezcal)
WTB Valcon 
ESI custom race grips
SRAM; drivetrain- xx1 (34 t chainring), 175 cranks, trigger shifters
Avid -xx brakes
Sid XX World Cup fork 100 mm
Ritchey - WCS Carbon Trail BarWCS Trail Stem 80MMWCS Carbon Trail Seat Post 

Enduro at Northstar

Ready to get the party started in the drizzling rain!

View from transfer stage 1

Pedaling up one of the transfer stages

Waiting in line for stage 1 after our pedal transfer.
Rolling across the finish line in 4th place!
Hanging with my family after the race!